25 Real-Life ‘Character Arcs’ That Were Perfectly Screenshot

Published 3 months ago

We love watching a good character arc on TV or reading about it in books. Indeed, there is something about being there for the journey and watching it unfold that appeals to our empathetic natures as humans. 

So when the meme pros step in to give us the same feeling within a shorter frame of time, we are here for it. Scroll below for the most interesting finds on the subreddit ‘Character Arcs‘ where our hero starts off in raw form and goes through a metamorphosis so that we can have a happy ending at the conclusion of the transformation.

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#1 Wholesome Arc

Image source: ori1kenobi

Alvia Vseobecna: absolutely!!!! the only solution

#2 Banana Dog

Image source: BoyoOftheNorth

LauraDragonWench: I’d take Banana Dog – I like him a bunch! *shuffles away, embarrassed*

#3 Maybe A Little Bit Earlier Next Time

Image source: Pickle_200

censorshipsucks: yep. My GF tried this s**t once. She learnt the hard way. I made her pay for the new tickets.

#4 Why Would You Not Wash Your Rice In The First Place Bro???

Image source: NinjayajniN

LauraDragonWench: Yup, I had this same epiphany – wash your rice.

#5 Happy Ending

Image source: BLANKTWGOK

#6 When It’s Not Wednesday Act More My Dudes

Image source: JanelleCShane

LauraDragonWench: You only upset lava frog once.

#7 Redditor Posts In Local Subreddit Asking For Directions To A Bridge. Other Members Put 2 And 2 Together And Call The Police, Saving Their Life

Image source: maddielovescolours

UndertaleLover (She/Her): Whoever did that deserves the Amazing Human Being award

#8 Redemption Arc

Image source: EarFap

Sum Guy: Growth

#9 Found It!

Image source: Eingi, twitter.com

Sanjneel: Iceland is green and Greenland has ice. Why?

#10 Found In The Comments About Hogwarts Legacy Not Involving J. K. Rowling

Image source: SirFancyDuck

#11 Adamboard

Image source: villekissa

Sum Guy: He went on to be a co-founder of one of the most successful Wrestling youtube channels, Cultaholics.

#12 Dinosaurs

Image source: Gently-Weeps

#13 Any Sufficiently Advanced Technology Is Indistinguishable From Magic

Image source: zudduz

#14 It Happens To The Best Of Us

Image source: SomeLoser74, twitter.com

Yettichild: The house always wins.

#15 Princeton

Image source: jakspedicey

#16 He Has Been Saved

Image source: Minute_Suggestion_86

Sum Guy: It’s rare you see someone take off the clown costume… they are always putting it on

#17 Homosexual Awakening

Image source: Alhruz

LauraDragonWench: Knowing and accepting yourself, all in one (edited) post. 👍💗

#18 Don’t Mess With Gordon

Image source: That_Raccoon_Boi

#19 Reddit User Comes To A Realization

Image source: Em9500

LauraDragonWench: Oh. Ooooih! 😋

#20 Acceptance

Image source: Anthman_

#21 Real Life Progression

Image source: reddit.com

LauraDragonWench: This is unexpectedly heartwarming.

#22 Purr Arc

Image source: YusufTariq

#23 They Saw The Error Of Their Ways

Image source: Existing_Mechanic_84

#24 A Frog Learns The Error Of Its Ways

Image source: Pieguy_____________

UndertaleLover (She/Her): …Did I just see…a wholesome conversation on a social media site? o_o

#25 He Realized His Mistake

Image source: Kirbytofu

Bob Brooce: There are only two possibilities. If they’re not inedible then they’re edible. Of course there are lots of thing that you shouldn’t eat even though you could.

Shanilou Perera

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