30 People Share The Most Abnormal Things About Their Bodies

Published 3 weeks ago

Our bodies are undeniably strange, even on the most ordinary of days. But when certain circumstances come into play—both favourable and unfavourable—things can get even weirder. And once you’ve encountered these oddities, you’re stuck living with them.

Recently, people have been opening up about the peculiarities of their bodies in a Reddit thread that gained rapid momentum. From unusual quirks to unexpected conditions, participants have been sharing their answers to the question: “What’s weird about your body?”

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#1 My body does not make its own antibodies. So once a week for the last 15 years, I’ve had to get an infusion of antibodies that are pulled from plasma donations. If you donate plasma- thank you for keeping me alive!

Image source: stumphead11, RDNE Stock project

#2 I have 3 kidneys. 2 that tried to kill me and one that I received from an unknown hero.

Image source: saltwater-915, Robina Weermeijer

#3 My fingerprints have almost faded away. I’m 56, and I can’t use those fingerprint readers for anything. It happened to my mom, and now my 31-year old daughters are going. It’s weird!

Image source: feelingmyage, Angela Roma

#4 I have extra pair of ribs, and both of my kidneys are on my right side.

Image source: lostbedbug, Giacomo Irrequieto

#5 I birthed a FULLY INTACT empty amniotic sack when I gave birth to my son. The doctor looked at me like I shape-shifted into an alien.

Image source: Jbrock1233, Jonathan Borba

#6 I was getting custom moulded ear plugs made to block out the sound of our next door neighbour and his (at least) 3 different alarms that go off between 02:00 and 05:00.

Image source: realmofconfusion, Kindel Media

I have always struggled with the normal foam earplugs, ever quite able to get them to fit properly or having much sound-deadening taking place when I did manage to get them crammed into my lugholes.

The audiologist who was taking the impressions of my ears commented that I have “unusually narrow ear canals”

Guess that explains the problems with other earplugs!

#7 My proportions are all over the place.

Image source: isabellepeppergreen, Anna Tarazevich

I used to study art. In drawing class, we had to study human proportions using our hands in strange positions and our bodies in front of a mirror. I got a bad grade, was told that my proportions were wrong. I had to go show the teacher that, yes, my thighs are unusually long, my pinkies abnormally short etc.

My grade was changed.

#8 I know what human spinal fluid tastes like.

Image source: insaneantics21, Polina Tankilevitch

Last year, a sinus specialist discovered I had a 7mm hole in the wall between my left sinus cavity and my cranial cavity. No clue exactly how long it’s been there but I’ve had a “runny nose” as long as I can remember. It was spinal fluid. Very salty. Got it patched up and after some insane headaches while my cranial cavity regulated the pressure, I’m doing much better.

Edit: I’ve seen replies of people having the same symptoms. I highly encourage you to see a specialist because CSF (cerebrospinal fluid) leaks are how meningitis can happen. Tell your doctor that the liquid is clear and watery and has a very salty taste. Those are the hallmarks of CSF.

#9 Energy drinks and coffee have very limited effect to the point where I feel sleepy while drinking them.

Image source: Existing-Bins, Karolina Grabowska

#10 I have two uteruses! (uteri, that is).

Image source: mwyattf, Anastasia Shuraeva

#11 My vision is black and white like 1/3 of the time for no reason, doesn’t relate to being lightheaded or anything, just weird.

Image source: Miallison, Mălina Sîrbu

#12 If I have an asthma attack in my sleep, I usually dream about it and wake up.

Image source: acid-cats, Eren Li

#13 I have 5 nipples. 3 on the right, 2 on the left. I call the unpaired one Lonely Tim. The others do not get names as they do not need them. They have eachother.

Image source: Richard-Conrad

#14 White freckles (im black).

Image source: amethystrox, Yelena Odintsova

#15 Woke up paralysed from the chest down one day aged 27.

Image source: cripple2493, World Sikh Organization of Canada

Spinal MS/Transverse Myelitis – no recovery, none expected but it’s so weird that even my neuro is like ”this phenotype is vanishingly rare in Europeans and whatever you’re doing seems to be working” when I ask him for any advice. Looking through local medical records (university access) I can’t pinpoint a single person with a case like mine in the last 100 years.

#16 I was born with a webbed hand. Had a bunch of surgeries to correct it but my hand is smaller than my normal hand and my co workers call me Tiny Paw.

Image source: buckeyemountain, Huw

#17 My body manifests suppressed emotions and stress as debilitating chronic pain.

It’ll be so bad I can’t sleep or think or do anything really, and the only thing that helps is for me to root around in my subconscious for whatever is bothering me emotionally and then cry about it. After I cry, the pain will disappear over the next hour or so, only for the cycle to start again anew the next day, since I’m always stressed or suppressing emotions.

Image source: Icanteven______

#18 I can move a vein without touching it on my hand to make it look like a worm is moving.

Image source: EvilBanana66, Angela Roma

#19 I have very high pain tolerance but can’t deal with tshirt tags scratching my neck. Autism is funny sometimes.

Image source: _manicpixie, Alexey Demidov

#20 My sweat is extra acidic. I can fully rust guitar strings in a week or 2, and have eaten holes on 2 laptops where I rest my hands, both happened within a year of use.

Image source: BeautyKatt_, cottonbro studio

#21 My birthmark is on my inner a*s cheek and it looks like I missed a spot when wiping.

Image source: The_Shitlipz, Karolina Grabowska

#22 My eyes have been misaligned since birth. I’ve had two surgeries (one immediately after birth, and one in high school) to try to correct it, but they are still misaligned by about 1 degree (possibly more now considering it’s been many years). This means I’ve never been able to use both of my eyes at once, so I do not have depth perception. People sometimes ask what it’s like not having depth perception, and my response is what’s it like TO have depth perception??

Image source: Finetales, Andrea Piacquadio

Until the second surgery I had to wear glasses, but afterwards my eyes were close enough that my brain could automatically choose which one to use based on the distance of whatever I was looking at. This is handy because one of my eyes is near-sighted and the other is far-sighted, so I get the advantages of both.

I’m also double jointed in the hips and can put my feet behind my head, and I walk duck-footed thanks to my weird feet.

#23 I sneeze when I’m really hungry.

Image source: Fluffy-Muffin_, Mikael Blomkvist

#24 When my anxiety gets bad i don’t have panic attacks or anxiety attacks i just faint. it’s a blessing and a curse because my “anxiety attacks” last a max of 15 seconds but it’s literally impossible to hide. i’ve had to explain to multiple professors that it’s not a d**g overdose because that’s always everyone’s first thought.

Image source: ojdidntdoit4

#25 Lost my lower legs, from about mid-tibia. Now I stomp around in carbon fiber and titanium, have great parking options, and I’m generally snake proof.

Image source: Synthetics_66

#26 My right ear has a little point at the top… like an elf. My son’s right ear has a notch, like it’s missing the extra I have… weird!

Image source: Heardaboutthat, Ksenia Chernaya

#27 I can wiggle my ears, my pupils, dilate my eyes on command, make my ear drums vibrate to help damper loud noises, but I can’t think in pictures and color.

Image source: rainbowtick

#28 I am biologically female. Was born female. Live in a female body.
I am ? male at the cellular level. My DNA is male. And I no longer have the blood type I was born with.

Image source: all_the_kittermows, RDNE Stock project

Edit: I had a stem cell transplant from a male donor. I have his blood type and DNA now.

#29 Everytime I squat my knees crack very loudly.

Image source: thatsmybetch, MART PRODUCTION

#30 I have a straight line of freckles from my shoulder, down my arm, to my middle finger.

Image source: oOohalloweenqueenoOo, Ron Lach


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