25 Bizarre Food Combinations People Swear By From Childhood

Published 5 months ago

Food preferences and combinations can vary widely from one person to another, shaped by cultural influences, family traditions, and individual tastes.

A recent Reddit thread delved into the fascinating world of peculiar food pairings, as users shared the odd, unconventional combinations they grew up with, blissfully unaware that these culinary concoctions might not be considered “normal” by everyone. Here’s a glimpse into the quirky and delightful responses that showcase the diversity of taste experiences.

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Image source: Emjayshelton, and_milk

Strawberry jelly on a sausage biscuit. Learned that working fast food at 15.


Image source: cardew-vascular, whoknows51089

Noodles with butter, sugar, and walnuts. Apparently my dad used to eat it when he was growing up. It’s Hungarian. Diós tészta. I grew up in Canada and yeah it was considered weird by my friends.


Unsweetened shredded wheat (it was large size not spoon sized) toasted in the oven with sharp cheese and fried bacon and you’d serve it with a bit of maple syrup on the side. It was…I think a recipe on the cereal box but seriously good. I never see those big shredded wheat squares around any longer so I can’t make this.

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Image source: CatfromLongIsland

Whenever my mom used an egg wash and breadcrumbs there would be leftover from the breading station. So she used to mix them together, add a little water if there was too little of the egg left, and let the breadcrumbs hydrate. Then the mixture went into a skillet with heated olive oil to be fried like a breadcrumb pancake. There was no way she was going to throw out those breadcrumbs.

Every so often I find myself craving a breadcrumb pancake. I make one with a beaten egg to hydrate seasoned breadcrumbs. But I add Locatelli Romano cheese and julienned sun dried tomatoes as well. Fried in olive oil with extra Locatelli cheese on top. So maybe not a weird food combination. But certainly a weird item to cook. Weird- but I love it!


Image source: Impressive-Tip-903, ChaserNeverRests

My grandmother always put grape jelly on her grilled cheese, so I like to also. Apparently that is not something people normally do.


Image source: Competitive-Ad-9662, ThatPhoneGuy912

Sliced pickle and Kraft singles sandwiches. Did not ask for and did not want these but got them in lunches regularly.


Image source: We-R-Doomed, [deleted]

When it was dad’s turn to cook…

S. O. S.

Ground beef browned with salt n pepper. Thickened and creamed. (Essentially just hamburger gravy) on toast.



Image source: kinetic_cheese, Eaysonle

Growing up in the midwest, chili & cinnamon rolls were a common combination. It wasn’t until I was an adult that I learned this is pretty much only a midwestern thing.


Image source: pipapandora, ssagrill

I grew up with a lot of fruit in my savory dishes, mostly fruit and cheese combinations. Some are normal, but i think most of them aren’t. Still love it all so much, it adds just the right amount of sweetness.

Cheese and banana sandwiches are the best

Pineapple parts in lasagna

Apple or mango in dishes like wraps or curry

Raisins in couscous

Pasta of mango and blue cheese

Cheese fondue with pineapple, apple, banana, grapes, pear

Salads contained mostly normal fruits like apple or raisins, but for some reason also often bananas


Image source: Konoha7Slaw3, wilddoll77

My little old great-grandmother used to wake me up at 3:00 a.m. every morning and give me an ego, cheese and ham sandwich and a gigantic like 40 oz mug of hot cocoa and tell me that I hadn’t eaten anything all day and I had better eat.

She had mild dementia and I had moved in there with her to take care of her.

She was really sweet and my favorite human being on the planet until she died like a year or so later.

RIP Granny, I love you and I miss you

She could also cook better than anybody I’ve ever met.. everything that came out of her kitchen was delicious.
I’m not sure how she made her lasagna taste like that I cannot replicate The taste she produced.

Also her lentil chicken soup was delicious. And I’m really really hungry now thinking about my great grandma that’s weird


Image source: Random_Cat_007, BitesizedBlubber

Scrambled eggs/omelets with ketchup. I always thought this was normal but as an adult the more I eat with others the more they keep pointing out to me that’s weird or gross???


Image source: thesphinxistheriddle, almamahlerdoll

Eggo waffles with melted sharp cheddar cheese. It was such a regular breakfast in my family, I literally didn’t realize it wasn’t a thing until I had my first apartment and I told my roommate she was welcome to the eggos and cheese and she was like “I’m sorry, what?”


Image source: shmouli, veritas1975

Our thanksgiving leftover meal was turkey with gravy over waffles. Delicious. But when I got to high school/college people told me it sounded gross and weird.


Image source: NerdyAdventurousLife, jacqueattaque1989

My mom used to put cut-up hot dogs in everything.

Cut up hot dogs in scrambled eggs, in box mac and cheese, in stir fries with vegetables to eat on top of rice, in fried potatoes to make some kind of hot dog hash.


Image source: kifferella, GonnaGoFat

My ex made me scrambled eggs, and I had to immediately spit them out. There was CINNAMON in them.

I asked why the hell he had put cinnamon in my eggs, and he said he didn’t. Only salt and pepper. Um, no, taste them – there is cinnamon on these eggs. So he takes a scoop and tells me I’m imagining things. They taste fine!

[They did not]

Turns out he was NOT gaslighting me. His mother had given him his salt and pepper shakers. We were at his moms and I put some pepper on my meal and again, f*****g cinnamon.

“Oh yes!” His mother exclaimed, “He’s a Taurus, and they have weak throats. Cinnamon is good for the throat, so to make sure he gets enough and stays healthy, I mix it into the pepper!”

He thought that was just what pepper tasted like.


Image source: omfgcheesecake, internationalfish

As newcomers to Canada in the 90’s, ketchup wasn’t really a thing in my home country. So we became obsessed with it when we got here. As a kid I used to put ketchup on everything, but my favourite was ketchup sandwiches (ketchup + bread) and ketchup sandwich with bologna or sliced ham.


Unsweetened shredded wheat (it was large size not spoon sized) toasted in the oven with sharp cheese and fried bacon and you’d serve it with a bit of maple syrup on the side. It was…I think a recipe on the cereal box but seriously good. I never see those big shredded wheat squares around any longer so I can’t make this.

Image source: chachalatteda


Image source: ChaoticCurves, Urk4

Cubed up baguette tossed in greek yogurt and chopped mint. Sometimes some honey to make it a sweet treat.

This was strictly an after dinner snack for some reason


Pork chops and homemade applesauce. So damn good but everyone I mention it to thinks it’s repulsive

Image source: Come_tothe_FrogDance


Image source: FiddyWall, Bucky_Philips

When I was young and my Dad was a single parent, he’d try to have “fancy” dinners for my sister and me. His go-to appetizer for us was a slice of bologna, covered in peanut butter, then rolled up into a log. He’d then cut it into sections and each would have a toothpick in it. Voila! Appetizers.

Whenever I start missing my Dad, who passed away when I was 24, I make those appetizers.


Image source: sosbannor, SirDudeForSure

Having milk to drink with spaghetti, super refreshing. It counters the acidity perfectly but my Italian American friends think I’m nuts.


Kraft Mac n Cheese with a can of tuna in it. I was thirty before I realized this was not common.

I think its came about because my dad comes from a poor Catholic family and it was a cheap way to feed five kids during Lent.

Edit: Guys I get it. Please stop replying “It’s tuna casserole.” It is not the same thing as what I ate growing up.

Tuna casserole is pasta and tuna, yes, but it is not a box of Kraft Mac n Cheese with a can of tuna dumped in at the end. Tuna casserole has some variety of peas, onion, cream of mushroom/chicken soup, and often has bread crumbs or chips on top. I have had tuna casserole, tuna salad, and tuna helper at various times of my youth. They are different.

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Image source: ThingstobeHatefulfor, StarWarsLvr

Potato chips & cottage cheese.


I always thought coleslaw on pulled pork was normal because every place near me served it like that. Then I find out the heathens in the rest of the country don’t like that.

Image source: Yanrogue


Image source: Isis_J

Shepherds pie but instead of mashed potatoes, macaroni cheese on top!!!!!!!!!

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