This House For Sale In Kentucky Gets Crazier The Further You Go (28 Pics)

Published 4 years ago

We’ve featured a fair share of crazy real estate listings before, like this 79 sq ft apartment in London that’s up for sale for $250K, but one house that just went up for sale in Kentucky just might take the cake.

This 3,161-square-foot house look pretty innocent on the outside but as soon as you step in, you’re taken to a whole different world. Twitter user jennyjaffe recently shared the crazy listing to Twitter, and soon enough people started pointing out all sorts of crazy stuff they’ve noticed inside, from stashes of energy drinks to the not-so-romantic “couples’ toilets”.

Check out all of the hilarious things spotted in this real estate listing in the gallery below!

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This house that recently went up for sale in Kentucky only looks innocent on the outside

Image credits: redfin

Image credits: jennyjaffe

The building was built back in 1970 and its original purpose was to be a church, school, daycare center, and home business all rolled into one. Perhaps that explains the weird layout – but not the rest of the crazy stuff.

Image credits: teothebaldo

Here’s a laundry room that looks like someone recently held a hostage in

And here we have a little improvised casino with a tastefully-selected fly swatter in the background

This room probably hasn’t seen daylight in a while

Have you noticed the crazy amount of boxes inside?

Someone pointed out the crazy unventilated bathroom – or should we say bath-room?

Image credits: SaraFangirl_Art

Image credits: Klongeiger

Oh, and you enter it through a room stacked to the brim with porn

Image credits: HecDaevis

Someone even tried to create a map of the place but had little success

Image credits: and_j_isthesun

And the pièce de résistance – the couples’ toilets

Image credits: CuddlePotato

Image credits: jennyjaffe

The bedroom had an interesting TV situation going on

Image credits: luvcraft

Another user tried to list all of the crazy things found inside

Image credits: Random_Hylian

There were also stashes of energy drinks

Image credits: notjffns

It did not take long for people to start creating memes

Image credits: TrampusRex

The house was also full of weird electronics, especially DVD scratch removers

Image credits: wormyjermy

I wonder who these guys are?

Image credits: sharbanning

And who can forget the classy buffet full of  Taco Bell sauce

Image credits: danicalico

Image credits: sadie_burgess

Image credits: HollyAnneFrink

Image credits: Gremzie1

Someone might have found the reason for this crazy house layout

Image credits: Penumant

Image credits: larathelark

Image credits: Chasnah7

Image credits: em_writes_poems

I told you he wasn’t dead

Image credits: swagmancer_cos

Apparently back in 2014, the house was raided by the police following a 4-year investigation and there was enough evidence found to fill several trucks. The residents, Troy and Trevor Curtis, plead not guilty.

Someone later pointed out that some boxes were marked with the year 2017 so it isn’t clear whether the two were sentenced or simply returned to their old home after serving the time.

In the end, someone found some additional information about the house that might explain the craziness – at least to some extent

Image credits: luvcraft

Image credits: _jimh

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