20 Real Estate Listings That Raise A Lot Of Questions, As Shared On The “Ridiculous Real Estate” Online Group

Published 1 year ago

When it comes to real estate listings, there are lots of weird and interesting photos that never fail to entertain people. If you haven’t seen our previous posts about the “Real Estate Agent Photos” and “The Broke Agent“, do check them out and you’ll know what we are talking about!

Today we are featuring a subreddit named r/badrealestatephotos which is another storehouse for weird and terrible property photos. Check out the weirdest real estate listing photos in the gallery below!

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#1 Covering Up The Missing Tile On The Ceiling With That Sign Will Totally Help Sell This House

Image source: Gm_Jim

#2 This Is The House I’m Selling. This One. Right Here

Image source: WilliamMcCarty

#3 Appreciated Warning

Image source: littykitterz

#4 Indeed, What Is Up With The Bread?

Image source: FlametopFred

#5 Photographer Took Several Shots And Combined Them For Best Lighting, And We Ended Up With A Ghost Cat In The Listing Photos For My Old House!

Image source: wrkhrd2bfit

#6 Mind If I Watch You Rinse?

Image source: majessa

#7 Got Some Tile Laying Around…let Me Update The Bathroom

Image source: majessa

#8 Can’t Really Blame Them. I Wouldn’t Get Any Closer, Either

Image source: WilliamMcCarty

#9 Is This A Real Estate Listing Or A Picture From The Bin Laden Compound?

Image source: WilliamMcCarty

#10 Does He Come With The House, Or?

Image source: disharmony-hellride

#11 When You Gotta Go, You Gotta Go!

Image source: JoeJoe-a-GoGo

#12 An Apartment In London That Has No Front Door. Just A Set Of Stairs Leading Up To A Window

Image source: FlametopFred

#13 We Need One Picture That Will Really Make People Say “I Need To See This House”

Image source: WilliamMcCarty

#14 I Don’t Think He Trusts The Realtor

Image source: itzmemichelle

#15 Just Your Standard Horror Movie Bedroom

Image source: mroocow

#16 When You Run Out Of Staging Money…

Image source: overitallofit

#17 I Have No Words… A Realtor Friend In The Pacific Nw Came Across This On Their Mls

Image source: majessa

#18 Working On The Edge

Image source: FlametopFred

#19 Real Estate Listing Or Crime Scene Photos???

Image source: CounterproductiveRod

#20 This Detailed Overview Photo Of A Million Dollar+ Property

Image source: bob_digi

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