People Are Sharing The Weirdest And Most Nonsensical Things They’ve Come Across To The “Of Course That’s A Thing” Online Group (30 Pics)

Published 3 years ago

If you love shopping, you probably know what bizarre items you can sometimes find on sale, especially if you shop online. Someone has even started a whole subreddit dedicated to these finds – it’s called Of Course That’s a Thing, and it’s an absolute goldmine of weird stuff no one asked for.

The subreddit’s 700k+ users regularly share the weirdest things they’ve come across, and as nonsensical as some of them might be, I’m pretty sure you’ll be tempted to get some of them. From weird inflatable things to Minion bikinis, check out the most bizarre things that actually exist in the gallery below!

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#1 The “One A Day Banana” Pack, Containing Several Bananas Of Different Ripeness So That You Can Eat Them Over Several Days. (Korea)

Image source: light_myfire

#2 Brilliant

Image source: ellaAir

#3 Pencils That Can Be Planted And Grow Into Kitchen Spices When They Become To Small To Use

Image source: EMF911

#4 Cow Ear Muffs

Image source: EMF911

#5 My Mate Bought Me This For My Birthday, I Love It And Of Course It’s A Thing

Image source: ILoveBread747

#6 Inflatable Swan Thing

Image source:

#7 Thor’s Hammer Toolbox

Image source: Panda_911

#8 A Night Stand To Beat Up People With

Image source: robloxpimp69

#9 Phone Throne

Image source: mucruler

#10 10/10 Would Read Again

Image source: Dr_Alfons

#11 Id Buy It

Image source: TedCruzStoleMyMcRib

#12 Catholics vs. Seedless Watermelons

Image source: cruel-ko

#13 Older Article, But Hell Ill Do It!

Image source: bloodywolfeyes

#14 I Need This Lazy Susan Fridge!

Image source: ilikemountaingoats

#15 Cosplay Meta

Image source: agonizedn

#16 A 24-Hour Clock…

Image source: VDT635

#17 Burrito Blanket

Image source: jkon731

#18 Organ Plushies

Image source: DrBalu

#19 Typewriter For Music

Image source: frenzy3

#20 This Floating Mug – To Eliminate Coasters

Image source: Panda_911

#21 The Internet Is Leaking Into Real Life

Image source: coming__up__milhouse

#22 A Rubik’s Cube That Doubles As A Treasure Chest. It Only Opens When Solved

Image source: Mattp11111

#23 Because God Forbid Your Cat’s Butthole Is Exposed!

Image source: jennasky

#24 Sneaker Raincoats

Image source: Nocte_Mortis

#25 Dead Battery? No Worries

Image source: Dylanb249

#26 Shower Curtain With Pockets

Image source: action_jim

#27 The Much Awaited Sequel

Image source: RoarkCats

#28 Portland Airport Sells Socks And Other Merchandise To Match It’s Carpet

Image source: ShadoX9191

#29 This Minion Bikini

Image source: mictooshi

#30 A Book To Help You Have Those Tough Talks With Your Cat

Image source: pixiegurly

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