30 Weirdest McDonald’s Restaurants From All Around The World

Published 4 years ago

What’s the first thing that comes to your mind when you think of McDonald’s? Hamburgers? French fries? How about airplanes, flying saucers and boats? It turns out that some McDonald’s restaurants are known for more than just their food.

A few days ago, Twitter user katrinkanova shared a photo of a McDonald’s restaurant in Freeport that looks like a funeral home on the outside and a retirement home on the inside. This prompted other people to share other weird Mickey D’s they’ve been to and you’ll be surprised how many unique restaurants of this chain are out there.

Check out the weirdest McDonald’s restaurants from all around the world in the gallery below!

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Image source: pretty_pebbles4


Image source: katrinkanova


Image source: LunacieIsadora


Image source: freeallison_


Image source: K_Vo_


Image source: _LeftistVegan


Image source: popkewitz


Image source: gannjerrod


Image source: defendpoppunk10


Image source: emarshallrose


Image source: YASTLBlog


Image source: hannes_bhc


Image source: jksholars


Image source: ramblingroisin


Image source: AprilCArmstrong


Image source: save_tillie


Image source: iMakeArtifacts


Image source: Gentlemenhugs


Image source: ZazzyV


Image source: emlbakr


Image source: TheNotoriousPIA


Image source: meg_catherine94


Image source: parkhopperco


Image source: chixtapefan


Image source: ThatJakeKid91


Image source: kelly_marth


Image source: Helgemsanchez


Image source: AbsoluteHunzo


Image source: xfixationsx


Image source: phatthamster

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