Welding Cables-A One-Stop Solution to Many Problems

Published 8 years ago

Welding cables are in high demand in India and they are needed in our day-to-day life. One of the core requirements of the modern buildings like multi-storey residential complexes, corporate towers, multi-specialty hospitals etc. is safety and important facilities like power backup. Incorporating these featuresneeds extensive planning and the probable solutions need to be cost-effective and low on maintenance.


It is observed that one of the major causes of fire at a premise is electrical sparks. Good quality welding cables help overcome such hazardous situations which often result in loss of money and lives. The features related to wear and tear mentioned above prevents fire which can cause casualties.

The welding cables are made up of copper which is a good conductor of electricity. The outer of these cables is made of heavy duty PVC which is a bad conductor. The PVC outer also lends flexibility to thecableand helps roll it without cracks, cuts or tear. Welding cables India are tested under tough conditions and prove to be really durable.

These cables can easily be attached to heavy machineries used in construction sites, factories or normal home appliances such as geyser, microwave, AC, refrigerator or inverters.Good cables handle voltage fluctuations effectively and prevent tripping.

The welding cables are made with special specifications so that these do not cause a shock to the user.

Welding cables can bear high degree of heat and can resist moisture. These qualities enable them to be used both in outer and inner installations in all seasons.

Our country is often affected by electricity problems and in many areas electricity theft/illegal use of electricity is a major issue. Welding cables help eradicate such problems and enable the electricity providing companies to get rid of electrical theft causing them huge losses. It is not likely to cut or tear these cables making electrical theft nearly impossible.


Although welding cables offer immense features, it is also important to select these accordingly. These need to be selected as per the machine and also considering the ampere requirement.

These cables are easily available in Indian markets and major cable making brands are manufacturing different ampere cables to meet different needs of the customers. The cable manufacturers offer attractive colour options to make them an appealing choice for exteriors. These cables are also available in different sizes across hardware shops. The length of the bundles varies from 5 feet to 1000 feet.

Its durability makes it more demandable.These cables are available in different amperes starting from 440 to 115 amperes. Welding cables in India are also available in different diameters depending upon the requirement however larger diameter welding cables are expensive due to more copper strands in it making it less cost effective.

We should therefore be using the welding cables more often in our electrical works as they are safer durable and cost efficient. The welding cables offer a lot of safety and have made our daily chores less dangerous. We are now comparatively safer while using electrical appliances both at work and home.
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Welding cables India

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