Best iPhone Photos Of 2017 Have Been Announced, And They’re Incredibly Good

Published 7 years ago

If you’re still one of those people who think you need a fancy camera to take breath-taking pictures, think again. iPhone photography award winners of 2017 were just announced, proving once again that a phone camera is more than enough to capture world-class, jaw-dropping, awe-inspiring images.

The photos for the competition were submitted by thousands of iPhone photographers from over 140 countries for various categories such as Portrait, Abstract, and Still Life.

This year, the grand prize went to Sebastiano Tomada from Brooklyn, New York. The winning picture taken with iPhone 6s had the following caption: “Children roam the streets in Qayyarah near the fire and smoke billowing from oil wells, set ablaze by ISIS militants.”

Here we present you with a list of the best entries that we hope will inspire you to get your phone out of your pocket, go outside, and capture the stories that happen around you. And, who knows, maybe one day we’ll be talking about one of your pictures here.

More info: IPPA Awards (h/t)

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#1 Dina Alfasi From Israel, 1st Place, People

“I shoot mostly street scenes and portraits, trying to capture intimate moments. Every day I get to work by train and bus. For two hours every day, I’m in a place with different people. At first, to pass the time, I was just observing them and trying to guess where they’re going, what they are dealing with, or what their story may be. Along with this observation, I noticed intimate moments and so I started to take photos, and I was surprised with the result.”

Image source: Dina AlfasiIPPAwards

#2 Sebastiano Tomada From Brooklyn, New York, Grand Prize Winner, Photographer Of The Year

Children roam the streets in Qayyarah near the fire and smoke billowing from oil wells, set ablaze by ISIS militants.

Image source: Sebastiano TomadaIPPAwards

#3 Sergey Pesterev From Mendeleevo, Russia, 2nd Place, Landscape

“This photo was taken on January 30, 2016, on Olkhon Island, Lake Baikal, Russia. It was the first ice on the lake after heavy frosts below -30C, it is titled, Baikal Ice on Sunset.”

Image source: Sergey PesterevIPPAwards

#4 Branda O Se From Cork, Ireland, 1st Place, Photographer Of The Year

“I shot this photo on an early morning photo walk around the docks in Jakarta in April 2016. These were the hands of a dock worker who was taking a break. I was struck by the texture created by the accumulated dirt on his hands.”

Image source: Branda O SeIPPAwards

#5 Joshua Sarinana From Cambridge Ma, United States, 2nd Place, Travel

“I took this image in the summer of 2016 in Cambridge, MA.”

Image source: Joshua SarinanaIPPAwards

#6 Magali Chesnel From Ferney-Voltaire, France, 1st Place, Trees

“Stormy winds have swept across Europe this winter, with Siberian temperatures transforming trees into the wonderful icy show in Versoix, a little town close to Geneva, in Switzerland. After a conjunction of intense cold (-10 to -18 degrees Centigrade), with very strong winds, blowing at over 100 kmh, the waves from the Leman Lake got so harsh that they passed over the dikes and the droplets immediately froze everything they touched, including the trees. Braving the frozen ground, I took this photograph, early in the morning. I am constantly amazed by the ways Nature can create beautiful designs and compositions. I really enjoy having the flexibility of stretching my wings, in order to explore all the moments that life has to offer to photography. When the moment is captured, causing an emotion is my ultimate objective.”

Image source: Magali ChesnelIPPAwards

#7 Dongrui Yu From Yunnan, China, 2nd Place, Animals

“This photo was taken on a cloudy morning by a pond. I liked the reflection in the water which was dark and smooth because of the cloudy sky.”

Image source: Dongrui YuIPPAwards

#8 Gabriel Ribeiro From Mato Grosso Do Sul, Brazil, 1st Place, Portrait

“This photo was taken in January of that year, my aunt came from Bahia to Campo Grande and my cousin was with me when I had the idea of doing a picture of him, we went to the nearest window and began to photograph using natural light. My main goal was to capture the depth that a look can achieve, especially when it comes to children. I used the Lightroom Mobile app along with Snapseed to get the final result.”

Image source: Gabriel RibeiroIPPAwards

#9 Dyllon Wolf From Huntingtown Md, United States, 2nd Place, Trees

This image was taken in Huntingtown, Maryland in May of 2016. After a long walk through the woods, photographing the nature around me, I stumbled upon this majesty and tried to capture it in a unique way that would showcase its enormity. The result was this worm’s eye view of the trunk leading up to the canopy that has been several times compared to a python.”

Image source: Dyllon WolfIPPAwards

#10 Barry Mayes From Herts, United Kingdom, 3rd Place, Children

Image source: Barry MayesIPPAwards


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