Winners Of 2017’s Sony World Photography Awards

Published 7 years ago

The Sony World Photography Awards bring us the most awe-inspiring photos from around the globe every year, and 2017’s freshly announced winners are sure to leave you speechless.

The competition hands awards out to 4 different categories: Professional (body of work), open (single images), youth (photographers aged 12-19), and student focus. National Awards are also presented to one photo from each participating country. Depending on the category, winners take home cash prizes, Sony digital imaging equipment, and the opportunity the have their photo featured in an exhibition. This year the winners’ exposition will be held in London.

See if your favorites from the shortlist ended up winning below, and vote for the ones that deserved it most. You can also check out the winners from 2014, and the 2015 shortlist.

More info: Sony World Photography Awards 2017

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#1 Khalid Alsabat, Saudi Arabia National Award

Alsabat captured this image of an elderly fisherman casting his net in Yangzhou, China.

Photographer: Khalid Alsabat

#2 Camilo Diaz, Colombia National Award

Submerged field. Everyday aims towards a collective goal. The Colombian national team is immersed in white, grey, and black, fighting together for the ultimate position. With accredited prestige, an invitation was sent to participate in the European Junior Championship, as a guest team. Ana Maria and her team are constantly fighting, pushing their lungs to the limit and transforming their everyday lack of resources to an idea of opportunity. The volume of water suggests a calm while the surface gives constant chaos. It is in this scenario that the South American team is named youth world champion winners in Norway.

Photographer: Camilo Diaz

#3 Homare Hamada, Japan National Award

Hamada captured the full trajectory launch of the Stork rocket by using long exposure.

Photographer: Homare Hamada

#4 Peter Svoboda, Slovakia National Award

Light from above. The picture “Light from above” was taken in September 2016 in Santa Maddalena, Dolomiten, Italy. Beautiful light and humidity stood behind the nice play of light and shadows that morning. I was waiting as the small church was illuminated by the very first rays of Sun.

Photographer: Peter Svoboda

#5 Andreas Hemb, Sweden National Award

A herd of cape Buffaloes drink at a watering hole at Zimanga Private Games Reserve, South Africa. Taken on tripod with first exposure lit for buffaloes and without changing camera position second exposure without light and focused on the stars instead of the buffaloes.

Photographer: Andreas Hemb

#6 Shashanka Chitrakar, Nepal National Award

Photographer: Shashanka Chitrakar

#7 Jelena Jankovic, Serbia National Award

EXIST. The year 2016. reminds me the time in which selfie culture determines our existence if we were somewhere or doing something. The photo was taken at a concert Massive Attack in Pula/Croatia.

Photographer: Jelena Jankovic

#8 Luis Godinho, Portugal National Award

Photographer: Luis Godinho

#9 Petar Sabol, Croatia National Award

This image titled Swirl was shot at the beginning of 2016. at local pond near Palovec. It shows the moment a small bird kingfisher flies out of water with a little fish in his beak.

Photographer: Petar Sabol

#10 Jim Chen, Taiwan National Award

Photographer: Jim Chen


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