30 Stock Photo Models Who Seem To Have Absolutely No Idea How To Drink Water

Published 4 years ago

Everyone knows stock photos can be a little weird and oddly specific at times. It almost seems like there’s a stock photo for any situation you can think of. And apparently there’s even a category that features women who have no idea how to drink water.

You’d be surprised to know that there are countless stock photos of women being bad at drinking water and they’re absolutely hilarious – check them out in the gallery below! And if you want to see more weird stock photography, check out the times people discovered themselves in bizarre stock photos here!

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Image source: PublicDomainPictures


Image source: Piotr Marcinski


Image source: KlaraBstock


Image source: Jupiterimages


Image source: Andersonrise


Image source:  Alanpoulson


Image source: Aleksandr Markin


Image source:  Aleksandr Markin


Image source: Aleksandr Markin


Image source: Aleksandr Markin


Image source: Aleksandr Markin


Image source: omegas


Image source: Gallo Images


Image source: horoshyj


Image source: Zigf


Image source: VladimirFLoyd



Image source: krechet


Image source: FHR


Image source: GlobalStock


Image source: Antonio Guillem


Image source: Carlos Hernandez


Image source: Manosainz


Image source: Carlos Hernandez


Image source: eli_asenova


Image source: zoranm


Image source: ShotShare


Image source: Karelnoppe


Image source: gpointstudio


Image source: conrado

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