People Are Sharing Hilariously Bad Stock Photos Of Their Professions, And You’ll Be Laughing When You’ll See Yours

Published 6 years ago

We all know a stock photo when we see one, and even though they come in hand quite often, there is a darker side of stock images that nobody really gets. Previously, we have talked about the weirdest stock photos ever, and now we would like to discuss their series that portray various jobs and professions. There is only one thing that comes to our minds when we see these images, do these people really know anything about these jobs? Well, the new hashtag #BadStockPhotosOfMyJob, originally started by scientists, shows how ridiculously their professions are portrayed, and we can not agree with them more. Scroll down to see these absurd images yourself!


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Image source: johnthevet


Image source: XtremeRPh


Image source: DrJenGunter


Image source: skepticpedi


Image source: MikeSidel


Image source: firefoxx66


Image source: tauntz


Image source: medievalismish


Image source: Trouty_Trout


Image source: James_W_C

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