People Tried Imagining How Some Professions Could Work From Home (33 Pics)

Published 4 years ago

To help stop the coronavirus from spreading, governments are asking employees to work from home. And while some professions are more forgiving when it comes to working from home, other jobs are straight up impossible to do from a remote location. Some people actually took this situation as an inspiration and started creating hilarious “Work from home” memes.

Have you ever imagined how a firefighter could work from home? How about a lifeguard? Or a pilot? Well, even if you didn’t, someone did. Check out the funniest “Work from home” memes in the gallery below!

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Image source: justaregulargye

– I’m sorry, mom, I’m going to have to put you on hold.

*Continues playing solitaire for the next 30 minutes*


Image source: organic_crystal_meth


Image source: bossguydude

I wonder if the baby clapped after he finished eating.


Image source: EfficaciousBean

And on the third day of digging George discovered his bottom floor neighbor, Michael.


Image source: Netzo30


– No diving!


Image source: YasuoGodxd

– Thank you for the tea, Will, but as you know I am a bear and I don’t have opposable thumbs to hold the cup with.


Image source: ThePopTartKitty

– Alright, that’ll do ‘er. Time for my government mandated break.


Image source: fficaciousBean

Beep beep, your ride is here.


Image source: Negral


Image source: Orpheus-is-a-Lyre

Hey, Nemo won’t find itself.



Image source: MikeySkates

– Psst, kids, wanna buy a copy of FIFA 2020?


Image source: FireBall1881


Image source: randomgamer017


Image source: Ghosty______

Next stop – the kitchen.


Image source: HarryHD_


Image source: R00sterPickens

It’s not even the — ah, whatever. Just don’t light your fur on fire.


Image source: deipapa16

Clearly just testing out the new Nimbus 2020.


Image source: PLZ_DONT_TOUCH_ME


Image source: MattBatz1991

– We’re going to need some backup here!


Image source: OffendedDishwasher

– Welp, looks like you’ve went bankrupt for the third time. Want to take out another loan?


Image source: Ninjashark_studios


Image source: Shreyash_jais_02


Image source: TheAngryPaella

– Dad please, it’s the fourth time today you’re asking me to take a picture with your trophy catch.


Image source: Kloudy122


Image source: captainrainbow22

*Hacker voice*: I’m in.


Image source: CarKid5508


Image source: emo_quintet


Image source: DragonMasterx13

If you grew up in a block of flats, this view should bring back a lot of memories.


Image source: Rhabarber93

Status report: one casualty, a DiGiorno frozen pepperoni pizza.



Image source: Foxy_94

– Dad, can I play now please?
– No, can’t you see I’m winning?


Image source: gleeeeeeeennnnnnnnn

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