20 People Reflected On What Age Is The Worst In Their Opinion

Published 12 months ago

When we look back on our youth, there are certain things that we miss. Our freedoms, our lack of responsibility, our flexibility or even just the ability to move without some random body part hurting. 

One curious netizen sparked an interesting dialogue on the worst things about being a certain age. Folks of all ages from teens to seventies, flocked to respond with their complaints, opinions and personal reflections on the subject. Reminding us that many of us are on similar journeys but it’s our mindset that makes or breaks the experience for us. 

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#1 58. Being single again. Dating is very different now. Oh, and my brain still thinks I’m 25 and my body thinks I’m an idiot! Lol.

Image source: justaman65, Sam Lion

#2 36 – I’m single and don’t want kids, and finding someone my age who is single and doesn’t already have kids is proving difficult.

Image source: Jpw119, cottonbro studio cottonbro studio


42 here, life is the best it’s ever been yet I’m probably halfway through or past halfway already. Time flies.

Image source: Gloorplz


52: Flexibility. I just wake up and nearly needs medical assistance just to go to pee. It requires 30min for the body to just acknowledge the fact that I am still alive and that I need all my fonctions up and running.

Image source: Zemom1971

#5 42 – I wake up with bodily injuries from sleeping.

Image source: demonsneeze, Ketut Subiyanto

#6 35m. Ability to gain weight, and lose hair increasing at a terrifying rate.

Image source: Bchulo, Huha Inc.

#7 16- everyone expects you to act like an adult but still treats you like a child.

Image source: mekurinkitafuto, Matheus Ferrero

#8 71. Body is beginning its inevitable slowdown. Not happy.

I still try to keep fit (do some jogging, some stationary bicycling and some really light lifting), but it sure takes a lot more effort than it did previously, and keeping the extra pounds off is really difficult. Also had a bout with prostate cancer (which happens to just about every man sooner or later; the saying is that you either die with prostate cancer or from it…) which was successfully dealt with by surgery but which has left me, well, half the man I was before (the spirit is willing, but the flesh is weak, as the expression goes). Once the plumbing begins to fail, the rest follows.

Image source: amerkanische_Frosch, Wellness Gallery Catalyst Foundation

#9 I’ll be 38 on Friday, worst thing is all the questions I receive about whether or not I’m planning on getting married and having kids or being asked why I don’t have kids yet.

Trust me, it wasn’t for a lack of trying, PCOS is a bastard plus unhealthy relationships. Can we finally move forward from asking women when they will have kids? It’s rude and insensitive to those with fertility issues or who decided to remain child-free.

Image source: LostandFinding85, Kevin Lehtla

#10 29 – last year of being in that fruitful 20s stage. People expect that you should know by now. People also expect that you should get married and have kids or else whatever. Spoiler alert: I get tired just by existing.

Image source: g13j, Andre Jackson

#11 19- I have no idea what to do with my life.

Image source: Street_Plate_6461, Anastasia Shuraeva


58, I’m still 16 at heart, and not in bad shape, but man my knees and back are f****d!

Image source: Skelco

#13 55 here, we’ve experienced so much change in our lifetime.

We were here when there was only 3 or 4 channels on TV and no remote controls, there were no cell phones , no home computers, etc. Now look what all is out here in this world. To be honest I miss the days before all the technology a little and think it’s kinda sad that kids today don’t know what it’s like without it. People were more real back then. Being a teenager in the 80s was great.

Image source: pinkypoo49, Daria Obymaha

#14 At 43 it’s watching the younger generation struggle. It started to get bad in the later 90s, but at least I could afford a studio as a young man.

Now you need two or three roommates to afford rent in a one bedroom and you’re never going to make enough to buy a house, unless you stay with your parents until you are in your later 20s or early 30s and save up.

College does not guarantee a good paying job anymore and if you do find a job, you have a mountain of college debt to pay off.

I think it sucks watching the young men and women today struggle in the American nightmare.

Image source: Samisoy001, Meg Jenson


39 m. I’ve finally arrived at the age where I can’t get rid of this damned abdominal weight. I swear my stomach is in full blown Manifest Destiny mode and is spreading to my back in an attempt to stretch coast to coast.

Image source: CptGinyu8410

#16 In my early 30’s. In that age range, you have to be actively taking care of your body. If you don’t exercise, eat responsibly, and/or sleep adequately, you REALLY feel it.

The good news is that I’ve managed to get into a good health routine, and I feel like I’m in my early 20’s. The bad news is that most of my friends haven’t, and don’t have the energy to do things with me. The ones that have are now starting to have kids and don’t have time to do stuff.

I honestly feel like I’m in my prime health, time, and disposal income years, and I struggle finding people to enjoy it with.

Image source: bestprocrastinator, Tirachard Kumtanom


44 and just went through the worst year of life yet. Lost dad. Mental health declined due to my mother declining alzheimer’s (stage 6 of 7) lost job after not dealing with this well. I say lost but I was bullied out by two women. One of those women died days after sacking me (natural causes). I live in a small dreary town where people are two faced. I turned to weed big time and my relationship took a nosedive. Health took a bigger nosedive. But… I feel like I’m coming through the worst. I got stronger and determined to chase my dreams of being a writer. I placed in the top 1% of a screenplay contest with the BBC recently and have been placed on their radar as a writer and have two labradors who get me out the house. I stopped smoking and started looking after me and honestly. The future looks okay.

I was on the verge of ending it all and without a consultation with local help I may have. If you’re in the dark, reach out. I promise people want to listen and want to help. You don’t have to go through it alone. Even if it’s reddit. People care. You matter.

Image source: Fuzzy_Chain_9763

#18 33 — feeling simultaneously young and healthy and old and broken down. There are days i wake up refreshed and crush it in the gym, and there are days i feel like i tweak my back washing dishes or some s**t

Image source: dan_camp, Joseph Wayne Buchanan


57. The realization that I’m 13 years away from 70 is wild. My parents are gone, my cousins are all in their mid 60’s (only child) it’s wild to think about the life we’ve lived.

Image source: shnoopydoodaa315

#20 36 and watching the older people I love decline in health. So f*****g scary.

I lost my Grandma to lung cancer a couple years ago. She was only 67. My dad’s mom died of lung cancer in her 50s. His dad died in his 60s. He was an alcoholic. My mom’s health is bad. She just found out she has cancer again (3rd time) and I’m so f*****g scared, dude. I’m not ready to be the most senior/responsible person in my family. I worry that my life is halfway over already even though I don’t smoke cigarettes and don’t drink.

Image source: Electronic-Cat86, Alexander Dummer

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