20 Things That Folks Are Getting Way Too Old For

Published 9 months ago

As a child growing up on farms, our family frequently travelled long distances and with two kids in the vehicle, it could get pretty loud. Constant requests from the parents to pipe down were thrown our way and left me thinking, I’ll never do that to a child and ruin their fun road trips. 30 years later, when my young nephew gives one shout in the vehicle I’m ready to get out and run away in fear of the almighty migraine that might set in as a result of being exposed to such a loud noise in an enclosed space. 

Honestly, it feels like at some point a switch was flipped without our consent and the things that we used to enjoy just don’t feel that appealing anymore. There are so many similar things that we just can’t tolerate like we used to and Redditors recently got together to commiserate on the myriad things that are just not fun anymore and are in fact, borderline annoying. 

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#1 People. Honestly, they’re everywhere.

Image source: nuclear_watchdog, Owen Cannon

#2 Eating food that’s not delicious. And I don’t mean eating unhealthily. I mean, If I’m going to consume calories, it’s going to be delicious. Sometimes that means heating things up in the oven instead of microwave, or adding an extra ingredient that makes the dish.

Image source: jess32ica, Eaters Collective


This heat. I remember when I used to want to lay out, do beach activities, and swim. Now, I’m dreading having to go out in the sun and want to be locked away in my air-conditioned home

Image source: stellardaisy

#4 Leaving the house

Image source: cgeezy_, Soroush Karimi

#5 Noise. Anyone or anything that is too loud.

Image source: dma1965, @chairulfajar_

#6 Convincing people not to do dumb s**t. Go ahead I don’t care anymore. Learn the hard way.

Image source: Reynolds_Live, Annie Spratt

#7 BS excuses. Stop trying to make up elaborate, unbelievable stories. Just tell me you forgot, or you overslept, or whatever. It’s fine. I get it. But don’t expect me to believe your convoluted, half-a*s ramblings. Grow up and own your shortcomings.

Image source: N1cole_Nurko, Dan V

#8 Hangovers, 3 days to go back to normal is too much now and not worth it.

Image source: CaisLaochich, Vladislav Muslakov

#9 B******t arguing with other people. It makes me think of Keanu Reeves. He gave an. Interview about growing older, and said he protects his peace by refusing to argue with anyone about anything. He said “2+2 is 5? You are correct. Have a nice day.”

Image source: PatMenotaur, Sweet Life

#10 Caring for people who don’t care about me

Image source: zrru, Ryoji Iwata

#11 Lack of sleep. All nighters were once manageable. Now I pull an all nighter and I am useless.

Image source: theWildBore, Abbie Bernet

#12 I am tired of anime and superhero movies with teenage protagonists. I’m not saying the stories aren’t good, but I am f*****g tired of coming of age stories

Image source: denial_falls, Dex Ezekiel

#13 anything starting past 9PM

Image source: No_Finish_2144, Valentin Lacoste

#14 Not being comfortable. I’m done with that. Give me a pilow and some legroom. A bench in the shower and a fluffy towel. Give me space to breathe and live. Give me quality over quantity and I gladly pay extra for an upgrade.

Image source: Swiftzword, Julian Bock


Nuisance noise, kids whining , cars blasting , mufflers, lawn mowers …. Stupid people in public making noise .

Image source: OutrageousAd5338


Chasing after people. Like if I ask you to hang out a few times and you’re always busy… come find me. Phone works both ways.

Image source: quietasari0t

#17 Putting up BS.

Image source: mary48154, Christian Erfurt

I’m 64 and will retire in 8 months and also just filed for a divorce and hopefully that will be done before retirement. I’m done with it all. I have looked into buying a coop condo in a 55+ community and should have one secured within a couple of months. My employer seems to think they can call me for advice when I retire, no they can’t because they have been very toxic and I’m almost done playing that game. My husband thinks he can treat me like c**p and not acknowledge anything important to me, I’m done with his toxic behavior. He’s still in shock that I have the guts to do it but when I made a list in writing and he wanted to continue to be married I showed him a list I made of why I needed to leave and why I should stay and the should stay list was completely blank. He couldn’t even argue because it was all true on reasons I should leave.

I am not too old to start a new chapter in my life and enjoy what time I have left.

Edit: Thank you all for the encouragement. We both meet with the attorney today and divorce will be final in 60 to 90 days. This decision has taken 15 years to put in place but someone did tell me about 10 years ago when the time is right I will move forward, the time is right at this phase of my life.

#18 Going places without a bathroom nearby. Not necessarily “too old,” more like “to IBS.”

Image source: MidwesternMillennial, Sung Jin Cho

#19 Sitting on the floor.

Image source: ThingsWePutOnTacos, Frames For Your Heart

#20 Skinny jeans

Image source: sonic_butthole_music, Laura Chouette

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