20 People Share Things They No Longer Have Any Patience For

Published 1 year ago

Sometimes it’s hard to believe that we used to patiently wait overnight for a 3-minute song download to come through. According to one survey, nowadays people’s patience is severely limited. For example, a person can only calmly wait 16 seconds for a website to load or when at a restaurant people are only willing to sit still for 14 minutes while waiting for their food to arrive. 

Obviously, our patience levels have diminished over time but one curious individual u/SpicyHashbrowns sparked an interesting discussion online when they asked “What is something you no longer have patience for?” Scroll below to find out what people just don’t put up with anymore and don’t forget to share your own opinion in our comments sections. 

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#1 People who constantly blame others for the situation they are in.

Image source: SuvenPan, Liza Summer

#2 People being on their phone while in a conversation with you. Seriously. Put your phone away!

Image source: rosieblinkstime, Porapak Apichodilok

#3 Waiting on people who are constantly late to plans. I will wait 15 minutes then excuse myself.

Image source: Dabbles-In-Irony, Andrea Piacquadio

#4 Working outside of work hours. I used to go above and beyond, now I only put in what is required. Life is too short to live only to work.

Image source: Chesterfieldcat, Andrea Piacquadio

#5 Now that I’ve spent three years working very effectively from home, the insistence that I have to spend a minimum amount of time in the office.

Image source: duckorange, Canva Studio

#6 Evangelicals or pretty much any kind of religious fundamentalists that believe that other people having rights somehow infringes on theirs.

Image source: Obvious-Kiwi5410, Rodolfo Clix

#7 People who litter.

Image source: SuvenPan, Karolina Grabowska

#8 The working world.

Image source: nuclearsalt, Djordje Petrovic

My life doesn’t revolve around working here and it never will. It will never be a part of my identity. I come in, do the job, make money, go home. Don’t expect me to come to all the work happy hours so I can pretend how much I love working here.

#9 Having to guess what people REALLY mean by something they said.

Image source: WateredDownSalt, Vera Arsic

I take everything people say at face value now and don’t replay conversations in my head to find out the real meaning anymore. Be passive-aggressive if you want to but talk to me like an adult if you really have a problem.

#10 S****y people getting a pass “because they’re family.”

Image source: cgulash, Andrea Piacquadio

#11 “friends” who aren’t friends.

Image source: QSlade, Andrea Piacquadio

I used to go out of my way to stay in contact with people. Try to grab a coffee with them or hang out. I’ve basically lowered my friend group to three people IRL. There are other folks who I used to consider to be friends, but I’m only going to ask someone so many times to hang out and being rejected before just letting that ship sail. We make time for what’s important to us. If someone doesn’t text, call, or make an effort, I just consider them gone.

#12 Family drama

Image source: Creative_Recover, Askar Abayev

#13 People invading my personal space

Image source: Mighty-Foreskin, Josh Hild

#14 Bad manners, unkindness and general rudeness. It costs nothing to be a nice person and from someone who works in a customer facing industry, attitudes, sadly, appear to be getting worse. It really makes me cross.

Image source: Bellamiles85, PIX3L_PRODUCTION

#15 I no longer have patience for slow Wi-Fi.

Image source: PhD_heisenberg, Misha Feshchak

Life is too short to wait for a buffering video or a webpage that takes ages to load. I mean, come on, it’s 2023, I expect my internet to be faster than a sloth on Xanax. If my Wi-Fi doesn’t get its act together, I might have to resort to carrier pigeons for my internet needs.

#16 Delivery timelines. When I was a kid, “allow 6 to 8 weeks for delivery” was a normal phrase to hear. Now if it’s not on my doorstep in 2 days or less I’m irate.

Image source: AdmiralBofa, Pavel Danilyuk

#17 Small business owner. People who threaten bad reviews unless you give them free s**t or discounts.

Image source: coswoofster, Monstera

Had some dipsh*t who couldn’t figure out our mobile chat and blamed our “garbage tech” and then insisted we give him 50% off for his 5 minute inconvenience (because he couldn’t find the x on the chat box? WTF). No, Joe, I’m not giving you 50% off because you don’t know how technology works and fine, Joe, knock yourself out with a “bad review.” So sick of these bullies thinking I give a f about their opinions.

#18 Identity politics of any kind. People so entrenched in a position that they refuse to concede even when provided with straight facts from a reputable source.

Image source: err0r112, LinkedIn Sales Navigator

#19 People with inflated egos. Car dealerships, salesmen, etc. im blunt with them now

Image source: Truthsayer2009, Alena Darmel

#20 Other people’s fragile egos. Yes your insecurity sucks, but also it’s not my fault or my problem, nor is you s******g on me going to solve it.

Image source: mad_fishmonger, Moose Photos

The good news and bad news about resolving insecurity is that it’s 100% self directed.

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