25 Pics That Scream “You Should Have Hired An Architect”

Published 4 months ago

If you want a job done properly, it’s wise to hire a professional. Otherwise, you might find yourself in a situation similar to the ones discussed in a popular Facebook group called “You Should Have Hired an Architect.” In this group, members come together to share and discuss questionable architectural decisions that have resulted in some rather absurd and amusing outcomes, all due to the lack of professional expertise.

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#1 This Is How I Solved The Common Bookshelf Corner Problem. It Also Solved The Very Tall Book Problem

Image source: David Chaplin

#2 Why The Tiny Windows And Excessive Stairs?

Image source: Allison Muccilli Cofone

#3 Uhmmm

Image source: Natalie Ugarte

#4 This Castle In Texas Is Still For Sale If You’re In The Market For A Kingdom

Image source: Allison Beer McKenzie

#5 Habitat 67 Is A Housing Complex On The Saint Lawrence River In Montreal. Designed By Israeli-Canadian Architect Moshe Safdie, It Originated In His Master’s Thesis In Architecture School, And Was Built For The 1967 Canadian World’s Fair Called Expo 67. Safdie’s Design Opened Up The Traditional High-Rise Apartment Building To Allow Natural Light Into All Four Sides Of A Dwelling And Gave Each Unit An Outdoor Garden Area, Almost Like A Single-Family House In The Sky

Image source: The Modernist Collection

#6 Amsterdam’s Homes Adorned With Whimsical Charm, Inspired By Zaandam’s Enchanting And Eclectic Dwellings

Image source: Love The Netherlands

#7 A Friendly Reminder For When We See Homes With Dust Shelves And Random Windows That You Can Never Reach, There Are People Who Find Use Cases For Them. Wondering How They Clean Up There, Robot Vac?

Image source: Ife Aba

#8 Another Stair Of The Pointy, Slice-Y Persuasion

Image source: Allison Beer McKenzie

#9 This Bathroom Is In An Old Elevator Shaft. Cool, But No Thanks

Image source: Allison Beer McKenzie

#10 When Hgtv Gets A Hold Of A Historic House. These Are, Indeed, The Same House. Constructed In 1946 On Stage 12 At Universal

Image source: Jon Middleton

#11 College House With An Emergency Slide Rather Than Stairs, Haha

Image source: Chad Faxon

#12 Now…who In The World Thought This Carpet Was A Good Idea In This Hotel. We Are Staying At The Ameristar In Kansas City. When The Elevator Door Opened We Seriously Thought It Was A Crime Scene

Image source: Mary Lingafelter

#13 Well, They’ve Certainly Got Me Believing Everything Is Made Of Marble. Either That, Or We’re At A Crime Scene. Someone, Please Make It Stop!

Image source: Doug Stone

#14 Again, With The Excessive Boob Lights

Image source: Allison Beer McKenzie

#15 Great Example Of When Lipstick On A Pig Doesn’t Work

Image source: Betsy Hood

#16 Someone Has A Sense Of Humor

Image source: Allison Beer McKenzie

#17 Just Had To Have An Island

Image source: Allison Beer McKenzie


Image source: Homepage

#19 So Beautiful

Image source: Stephany Jackson

#20 It’s Funny, But I See So Much Stuff Put Into “Big” Ada Bathrooms That Negate All Of The Accessibility Features

Image source: Allison Beer McKenzie

#21 Average Person: “I Would Like A Useful Handrail To Help Me Safely Navigate The Stairs.” Shanghai Metro: “Go F Yourself.”

Image source: Michael B. Klein

#22 Awesome Container Home??

Image source: Container Home Made Easy

#23 Third-Story Deck

Image source: Richard A Solomon

#24 Really Pushing That “Farmhouse” Vibe

Image source: Allison Beer McKenzie

#25 Me: Adds “Dog Stair” To List Of Potential House Features

Image source: Allison Beer McKenzie

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