20 Times People Were Not Happy With Their Christmas Gifts

Published 2 years ago

Christmas is coming! Are you ready to surprise your loved ones with wonderful gifts? Have you carefully thought about your gifts? If not, then please do! A well-thought gift is always appreciated. On the other hand, a meaningless gift is always frowned upon.

A Reddit user recently put out the question on r/AskReddit, “What’s the worst Christmas present you have received?”, and people shared some of the most disappointing gifts they’ve ever received. Scroll below to read about some sad and disheartening gifts. And if you want to know more about what not to gift your loved ones, check out our previous post here.

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Image source: GhostlyQbe

“A dishtowel.. I was 8 years old.”


Image source: vodkaenthusiast89

“A set of miniature butter knives with ceramic fruit and vegetables as the handles. From an aunt who said that I was ‘So hard to shop for’ I was 7.”


Image source: grumpy_snuggles

“My deadbeat dad brought nine year old girl me motel shampoo and an adult mens shirt he got for free. Wish I was joking.”


Image source: Cheap_Stay2750

“A comic book that was laying around the house for several months which I read twice in this period. I didn’t know it was supposed to be my surprise present.”


Image source: Cusefa

“A pack of cigs and a roll of trash bags. I don’t smoke.”


Image source: ragedandobtused

“When I was 10 years old my grandparents gave me an unwrapped suitcase for Christmas. In the interests of convenience, they used that suitcase for the wrapped presents for my sisters.”


Image source: Picards-Flute

“50 pounds of russet potatoes.”


Image source: Bluellan

“Office supplies. I was in the 2nd grade. It was the class gift exchange. Imagine being a kid, watching everyone else open dolls, and cars, and glitter pens. While you’re sitting there with a calculator, tape dispenser, and stapler. Apparently, the girl who drew my name was in the hospital a lot and her parents just grabbed things from the gift shop? No idea why a teddy bear wasn’t on the list. I ended up giving everything to my Nanna since she was a teacher.”


Image source: Yippee614

“Every year my aunt gives our family “Thrift Santa” gifts, like a bunch, from thrift stores. The thing is, nothing relates to anything. The worst I’ve gotten are among a Kama Sutra book when I was 13/14 (awkward), and a New York Yankees baby onesie. I don’t have kids, I don’t watch baseball.”


Image source: Pre_Gen_Character

“When I was 18 my grandma gave me the card label from a gift card (no actual gift card) shoved into an empty toilet paper tube and wrapped like a gift. All of my siblings got actual gift cards. Grandma never liked me much.”


Image source: GerberGoo

“One time when I was 10 my mum gave me & by brother a packet of plastic rainbow bendy straws each for Christmas. She was mad at our dad for having brought us back 3 days late from his part of the holidays & took it out on us.

Being a contrary soul, I happily took my brother’s discarded pack & proceeded to make a million rainbow flutes that I would incessantly try to learn to play, for the next two months. I suspect she lived to regret her choice since I also never cleaned any of my discarded flutes up.”


Image source: TheZ_27

“My cousin once gave me an autographed picture of himself. Which was funny as hell so I didn’t mind.”


Image source: funky_grandma

“One year I got what was actually a super cool present. My parents had worked for months putting together this awesome art kit. It was a big toolbox filled with good scissors, glue, paint, colored pencils, glitter, and every other thing a crafty little kid could want. The problem was, every time they would go upstairs to add to it, they had a running joke where they would say “we’re going upstair to feed your present” or “we need to take your present for a walk tee tee tee”. So of course on Christmas morning instead of being a little kid who was stoked to get a huge box of art supplies, I was a little kid who was devastated that I didn’t get a puppy.”


Image source: SpaceGhost817

“I participated in a voluntary office Christmas exchange in 2012 with a $30 limit. My gift was a CD-R of the givers favorite album. I was less than enthused, but nonetheless slid the disc into my car to check it out only to find out that it was blank. The person had written the band name/album title on the disc, but forgot to actually burn a copy.

Edit: it was supposed to be the album “Spit” by Kittie.”


Image source: AMC_Tendies42069

“Instead of received I’ll switch to gave. I bought my whole family tickets to see James Brown live. Literally within minutes of them opening their presents it was announced on the news Christmas morning that James Brown died.”


Image source: Downtown_Statement87

“My mom asked what my 13-year-old daughter wanted for Christmas and I said, “she likes to sew.” How this led to our entire extended family buying her nothing but yarn I do not know. That was 2 years ago and there’s still so much yarn.”


Image source: AnneFrank_nstein

“Last year my mom.bought me a can opener. Wrapped it and gave it to me when everyone was gathered around exchanging gifts too so theyd all see and get to share in her laughter. Unfortunately she was the only one who found it funny, everyone else just thought it was f**ked up.”


Image source: hobbitdude13

“‘I’m taking $500 off the debt you owe me.’ – written in a Christmas card from my adopted mother.

Edit for context: She kept a running tally of money owed in the time I lived there. Swearing-$10, $15 if I was in the house when I supposed to have waited for them to come home first, stuff like that. IIRC she still had the notebook/ledger 5 years after I moved out.”


Image source: Hummussed

“My grandpa was planning on giving me a tissue box with money in it (still not sure why). Anyway he wrapped the wrong box and I opened a box of tissues on Christmas morning.”


Image source: simplysufficiant

“My husbands step mother gave me, a 36 year old at the time, a kindergarten size back pack and when I opened it she said, “I actually bought that for ——- (a child) a few years ago and she hated it so I threw it in a closet and I saw it and thought you’d like it. None of us did, we all think it’s ugly.”

That same year they gave my 3 kids gifts totaling all together $15 with the clearance stickers on them while her biological granddaughter opened a $300 unicorn. Which they made sure we knew cost $300, and then they pointed out to everyone our clearance stickers and what great deals they were (they weren’t), and then they made my kids leave the room so the grand daughter could take pics alone with her unicorn. It was the last Christmas we visited them. lol”

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