“An Eviction Notice From My Parents”: 30 Of The Worst Christmas Gifts

Published 6 months ago

The season for giving and receiving is in full swing and folks are still pretty excitedly discussing the gifts they got. While most are gracious and happy to have received anything, turns out that not everyone is quite so content with their Christmas hauls this year. 

One particular online discussion about the worst gifts that folks had received went especially viral when folks saw what others had gotten as Xmas gifts. From ironic, to cringey to downright rude these gifts are on another level, but go ahead and peruse the gallery below to judge for yourself. 

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Image source: smilingembalmer, RDNE Stock project/pexels

My ex got me, a 6’3” guy, a women’s medium white hoodie. I was so mad about it. She has a habit of getting others gifts that are really for her. I wore the s**t out of that hoodie. Time to mow the grass, time for the white hoodie. Need to fix the car, yep time for the white hoodie. She was so mad. Glad she’s an ex.


Image source: hippicowgirl, Pixabay/pexels

A gift certificate from the spa hotel he was at on Christmas Eve with another woman. I found out because he took me there for breakfast Christmas morning and surprised me saying he had rented us a room so we could enjoy the hot mineral water . When we got to the room it wasn’t made up yet so I went to the front desk to let them know. That was when I was informed that they didn’t service rooms that were carried over for another day. Yeah, the same room and the same bed he had f****d that wh*re in just hours before. Sick a*****e.


Image source: admlshake, https://www.pexels.com/photo/photo-of-a-motorcycle-5803455//pexels

Nothing. One year, we were pretty poor due to my mother’s insane spending habits. But she managed to scrounge up enough cash to get my little sisters and little brother a few things. I however, had nothing under the tree. And nothing in the stocking. My mom just acted like it wasn’t a big deal, and I should be happy I still had a roof over my head. I was 12. At the family dinner later my mother had a new one ripped in to her by my grandmother when I was asked what I got. So maybe I did get a little something…

#4 An eviction notice from my parents before I was 18.

Image source: StraightPrinciple694, Angela Roma/pexels

#5 I was in debate my freshman year, it was a blended grade class. The teacher arranged an optional secret santa for the class. One of the seniors got my name.

Exchange day comes around and I get a $20 gift card to Starbucks. Cool, he didn’t know me that well so a gift card was fine.

At the time I’d never had Starbucks so I was happy to try it. Went to get something and found out there was $2.73 left on the card… he literally just gave me his used gift card. D**k.

Image source: Peacemaker307x

#6 I got perfume samples, the kind you find embedded in the pages of magazines, and two 99c cans of shaving cream. My stepmonster was irritated I wasn’t more appreciative of her “practical” gifts.

My stepsister got a horse.

Image source: Symnestra


Image source: ecto1g, Karolina Grabowska/pexels

We were pretty poor growing up and my dad got injured on the job. It was the first Xmas since the injury settlement and my parents were having a new two story house built with a chunk of the money. I was twelve at the time and all I wanted and asked for was a guitar. I knew guitars were exspensive so I asked it to be my only gift. Christmas morning my little brother and sister start opening gifts, nice toys, games ect. My first gift was a single wash cloth. Second gift was a single towel. Next was a shower curtin… My mom had used Christmas to redecorate the bathroom for the new home and wrapped each item and just put my name on it. After the third wash cloth I stopped opening gifts and asked if they got me a guitar. They said “no because you’ll just get bored of it”. I asked if I could exchange the bathroom stuff to buy myself some games of something. I was called ungrateful and hard to shop for. I ended up using my college money to buy a guitar a few months later and my parents refuse to buy me any more gifts for birthdays or xmas because of the inccident so they just give me a card or cash. This was 30 years ago and they still refuse to buy me gifts. I now teach guitar to kids for free and have made a lot of friends playing in bands.

#8 My husband is a guitar player. He gives me music equipment that I don’t know the purpose of. Of course it’s for him. So since I’m an avid gardener I give him gardening tools for Christmas.

Image source: Webblock, Thirdman/pexels


Image source: GroundbreakingAge254, ALINA MATVEYCHEVA/pexels

My husband is an incredible human and talented at many things – but he gave me a truly hilarious gift once! For our very first Christmas together, 2004, we were young and broke (22, in grad school). He was so excited to give me my gift and he presented it proudly in front of my family. He got me a mini sampler of perfumes, a book, and a box of high-end chocolates. These are all great gifts on their own, but ironically, 1.) I’m allergic to most perfumes/colognes, 2.) he had already given me the exact same book a few months earlier for my birthday, and 3.) I’m lactose intolerant.

I was honestly touched by the thought, but the irony was too much – my sister burst out laughing. It’s still a joke in our family, but we were all so charmed by the fact that he’d gone to multiple stores and was so proud. Poor, sweet guy. We’re happily married now…but he definitely knows to avoid chocolate and perfume!

#10 A taxidermy cat. I was like 9.

Image source: Cultural-Try1365, Lukas Large/flickrI had a grandma who was notorious for giving the worst possible gifts you can think of. So on Christmas Day I go to open the one from her and it’s literally a taxidermy cat. Now, me as a child, I specifically was horrified by taxidermy, I love animals and didn’t understand the whole reasoning behind it. Long story short I opened it up and immediately burst into tears, I was completely traumatized and my parents were so confused on why she would give me that.

#11 Slim fast shakes from my mom when I was 14.

Image source: DwightCharlieQuint, amazon

#12 A blouse my MIL pulled out of her closet. I made her squirm by asking for the receipt so I could exchange it for a different size. She said she must’ve misplaced it. B***h.

Image source: Ih8teMyInlawsTheySuk, Liza Summer/pexels


Image source: FriendlyMum, Karolina Grabowska/pexels

One particularly tough year, many years ago, I was battling cancer, (all good now) hubby worked part time to look after me and the kids so money was super tight.

Hubby and I decided not to do gifts for each other, every thing we saved for Christmas went to the kids and to the meal, there wasn’t much of ‘everything’ to be honest, but we made it work. Kids were young, young kids don’t need much to feel special, so we had that in our favour.

A few weeks before Christmas, We went to a charity dinner for people doing it tough and were all given Christmas gifts. Most people unwrapped it then and there, but we took the gifts home to put under the tree as there wasn’t much of anything under our tree. We waited for Christmas Day, saying it’ll be extra special to wait. It made it look at lot more festive to have more gifts under the tree.

I was delighted to have something wrapped under the tree for us parents, I felt sad that I couldn’t gift hubby anything so this was the next best thing given the circumstances. We didn’t expect much but the mystery and excitement of what they could be added a little Christmas magic for us.

The gift for hubby and I from the charity was our only gifts that year. The day finally came, it was time to unwrap!!!! Hubby got a men’s toiletry set. I got a little pamper set …. Wellllll the packaging said it was filled with bath salts and lotions – but it was empty, yup an empty box.

Someone had either donated it to charity empty, or a volunteer took the products out. Either way, the charity didn’t check to see if the stuff they wrapped actually were ok.

I was so absolutely devastated but faked delight for the kids about the pretty box it came in. I didn’t expect much, but that was nasty! What a way to kick a family when they’re down!!!


Image source: IAlreadyOrderedPizza, amazon

First Christmas with my dad, his new wife, and her kids. They opened designer handbags, DVD box sets (this was almost 20 years ago), electronics, etc.

I got: a bottle of Herbal Essences shampoo. No matching conditioner.

My sister got: A Hanes 5 pack of granny panties.

My stepmother is…not a nice lady.

#15 A one person tent and lantern from my MIL, we were struggling to pay the bills back then and she said, in front of of everyone, “this is in case you guys get evicted”. We had 3 kids at the time.

Image source: anon, magbell/flickr

#16 When I was about 10, all I wanted was a VCR. Asked for it all year. My hateful grandmother who raised me put a bedspread in a VCR box. I’m 47 now but I’ll never forget it

Image source: PastorJMJ, Karolina Grabowska/pexels

#17 On Reddit Secret Santa I spent time and quite a bit of money selecting and sending something cool for my secret Santa.

The person who got me sent a dirty sticker and a ripped piece of paper saying “sorry I forgot to get something and I don’t have money anyway so here’s a sticker don’t be mad”.

Like cool dude – you could’ve backed out and I would’ve been assigned to someone else. I just thought it was kinda inconsiderate and mean.

Image source: Lambamham

#18 Earrings from my boyfriend… when I didn’t have pierced ears. And when I saw the box, I thought it was a ring and he was proposing. AND when I reminded him I didn’t have pierced ears, he returned them and kept the money.

Image source: razorwireshrine, Dmitry Zvolskiy/pexels


Image source: Difficult-Mongoose21, Miki Uchida/flickr

I was the adopted kid so I always lowkey got the bad end of the stick but Christmas 9 years ago was the worst.
My grandparents were loaded, my parents, not so much. My parents told me they couldn’t afford to keep me on a phone plan and come to find out it was because they were on my grandparents phone plan. I really wanted an iPhone 6 so I would finally have a reliable phone when I was working, driving ect, and I was willing to pay my part of the monthly bill, I just needed someone to buy it for me because at 16 I couldn’t get it on my own.

So Christmas comes around and I got a small box wrapped up and it was an iPhone6 box and I was so excited I started screaming and hugging my grandparents, so I ripped it open and inside was a note that said “never judge a book by it’s cover”. I didn’t cry that day but I cried for weeks following. My grandpa recorded it and posted it on Facebook and still, 9 years later, shares it every Christmas for people to laugh at. I don’t remember anything else I got for that Christmas but I do remember my cousins getting a lot of really great stuff from their list that year. It still upsets me, but that’s ok.

#20 My ex husband got me Pyrex portable dishes. Seemed fine. Until the day after Christmas when I went to the bank and discovered those were the free gift when you opened a checking account. Turns out he opened a secret account, too! Wasn’t that sly…

Image source: Fantastic_Ad_9469, amazon

#21 I had an ex take me to the mall and dismally demand I “pick something because he didn’t feel like trying to guess what I’d like. We’d been together for seven years. I didn’t pick anything, and a few days later he became single for Christmas.

Image source: Tortilla_Moth93

#22 Bottle of wine from a friend who knows 100% I don’t drink alcohol, especially wine.

Image source: kindest__regards, Cup of Couple /pexels

#23 A Christmas card that said “roses are red, violets are blue, youre a jew, so no Christmas for you.” Grade 4 truly was a special time.

Image source: StevenAnita420, Anna Tarazevich/pexels

#24 A kitten. Don’t get me wrong, I absolutely love my cat and I’m so happy I have her. But when my mom got her for me it was a poorly thought-out surprise. It was even a surprise to my grandparents, who I live with, and had no idea they’d be getting a cat in their house. She also didn’t provide a litter tray or litter, or cat food. So my Christmas became a fetch quest of trying to get together everything the kitten needed, with all the shops closed.

Image source: _Peach-Soda_

#25 Someone in the extended family repeatedly gave me alcohol and shot glasses when it was well known I’d quit drinking. They did it maliciously thinking I’d fall off the wagon. What they didn’t understand was that I quit drinking because it was giving me anaphylaxis. If I started drinking again, it’s not like I’d relapse; I’d die. That s**t gets worse each time.

Image source: yogo, shot glasses/pexels


Image source: Elysian-Visions, cottonbro studio/pexels

My ex husband was 15 and went for his first Christmas with his s****y father, new stepmother, and her two sons. His dad says, (speaking to the three boys), “Come out to the garage for your big Christmas present!” And there were TWO off-road motorcycles. One for each of HER boys but nothing for him. This pattern repeated throughout the years. I hated his father from day one and if he’s still alive I hope he’s dying slowly of painful cancer.


Image source: Callme-risley, Mariam Antadze/pexels

I dated a guy in college for almost six months who was really into civil war history. I bought an old Confederate dollar bill on eBay, went to Michael’s for some cheap fabric backing and a frame, framed it myself. Wrapped it and tied a ribbon around to make a bow.

He gave me a seashell from his family beach trip over the summer. From before we had met, so it wasn’t like “oh, I found this seashell and thought of you” – it was just something he already had knocking about in the back of his closet. Dude was from a wealthy family and he threw money around like it was nothing, but he couldn’t even be bothered to put the seashell in a gift bag.

I broke up with him the next day.

#28 A set of used, mismatched, still dirty kitchen knives in the box for a nice set of knives from my MIL. What do you even say to that?

Image source: sabek, knives/flickr

#29 A fire notice from my job. They put that s**t in a gift box.

Image source: pimpwithoutahat, RDNE Stock project/pexels

#30 A huge bag of disposable pink razors paired with thick off brand pads to open in front of my entire extended family.

Image source: ribbajacklove, Marco Verch Professional/flickr

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