20 Things You To Gift Your Loved Ones On Christmas, As Shared By People In This Online Thread

Published 2 years ago

Have you ever received a gift that turned out to be more useful or valuable than you thought it would be? Every gift is special on its own but some just touch your heart in a different way.

When a Reddit user asked people to share the most underrated Christmas gift they’ve ever received, people shared their most memorable gifts. Scroll below to know what were the gifts, and maybe you can get an idea about what to gift your loved ones this year.

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Image source: misa9890, micheile dot com

“My grandmother paid my gas bill one Christmas. I thought that was a nice present.”


Image source: orbroy2point0, Karolina Grabowska

“Grandma told us every year, “Just get me something I can smoke, drink, or eat.””


Image source: Iron_Rod_Stewart, Kateryna Hliznitsova

“Premium subscription to something the person already uses the free version of.

They’re guaranteed to use it, and it’s already something they’ve decided that they weren’t going to splurge on themselves for. So as a gift, it’s both a necessity and a luxury.

I did this for my wife last year and she still talks about what a great gift it was.”


Image source: orgasms4ever, Antoni Shkraba

“Every year my grandma would get everyone toilet paper, deodorant, toothpaste, Q-tips….didn’t realize how great it was until she was gone

Grandma didn’t have a lot of money so she would shop at krogers and however much she saved, she would use towards Christmas toiletries.”


Image source: bambiisher, Delta News Hub

“Last year my Dad got me a box of snacks. But they were all things from my childhood he would get me if I was emotional in any way. It was just filled with so much love and happy memories.”


Image source: minteemist, Alex Bayev


That stuff is too expensive to buy for yourself, like $100/kg, and everybody loves jerky. My cousin got a huge jar of jerky one year, and we were all sitting there gobbling it up around the Christmas tree.”


Image source: BlackLetterLies, Charles Loyer

“Wiper blades. Stop pretending they’re “fine”, you can’t f*****g see!”


Image source: Oxbridgecomma, Chidchanoke Kantarat

“Extra phone chargers and wire organizers. I’ll be damn glad I have an extra charger if mine goes missing/breaks. It’s something I’d probably not think about until it happens, and then I’m scrambling to find a charger before my phone dies.

Wire/cord organizers are just great year-round.”


Image source: Ok_Ad_9188, Erik Mclean

“One time at work, we were doing this white elephant thing (I don’t remember the exact rules, but essentially, everybody brings a gift and everybody leaves with a different gift). The plan was to buy goofy, funny things, like the non-risque stuff you see at Spencer’s or something. When I opened mine, it was a 124 pack of toilet paper. Everybody laughed and thought it was funny, but I’ve never even come close to receiving a gift as amazing as that, I have no idea why nobody tried to take it from me unless they somehow knew I’d physically fight them over it.”


Image source: Likeomgitscrystal, Sarah Chai

“One year when I was pretty broke someone gave me a nice tote filled with non perishables. I suddenly had a nice stockpile of stuff like soup, crackers, and cookies and on top of that had a tote to store stuff in when I emptied it!

It was way more useful to me than a soap set or something else like that that they could have potentially given me.”


Image source: butidonthave2, Elly Johnson

“My mom always gives me a “care package” that includes: Toilet paper, paper towels, dish soap, laundry detergent and trash bags from Costco. I look forward to that s**t every year. I don’t have to worry about buying that stuff for a couple months.”


Image source: Admirable_Dream_, cottonbro studio



Image source: Dry-Cartographer-312, Alena Shekhovtcova

“I don’t think I have ever bought pajamas for myself once in my life. Gift pajamas feel more comfy somehow too.”


Image source: TripCraft, Mike Mozart

“Grocery or gas gift cards.”


Image source: nutterbutter83745, keiichiro shikano



Image source: Symnestra, Lisa Fotios

“New bedding. That s**t is so expensive.”


Image source: floppleshmirken

“A blanket. I don’t care how many f*****g blankets I have, I’ll always appreciate another one.”


Image source: Mean_Half_8921, Mathias Reding

“Quality Coffee”


Image source: KindaIndifferent, Any Lane

“A really good version of something that’s usually inexpensive. A nice pen, great tea or coffee, good leather bound notebooks. Even a nice version of most of those things is going to be under $50 but is still really luxurious.”


Image source: barbaramillicent, luca Finardi

“Pet toys. I love when people remember my kitties.”

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