Say Happy Birthday to Mr. Jesus with gifts

Published 8 years ago

Christmas I guess is the most celebrated festival of the world. It is the birthday of Jesus Christ and the whole world remembers him in a festive way. Jesus Christ and his teachings mesmerized the whole world and that’s why people can talk endlessly about Christmas gifts, Christmas holidays, and Christmas cakes. Different countries around the world has different ways of wishing Jesus Christ a happy birthday. Let’s take a look at some of them.

1. It’s very wet, foggy, and ice cold in England in this time. People gather around the Christmas tree in the evening and someone has to narrate the story of “A Christmas Carol”. Kids write their wishes in a piece of paper and throw it in the bonfire so that through the flames it reaches Jesus and he fulfills the wishes. For your friend in England, you can send a set of cookies and coffee as a Christmas gift.

2. In most part of the world, 25th December time is the chilliest time of the year. In Australia, its summer vacation time. So, people love lighting their outer space, lawn, or garden, and sing carols. So, a perfect gift for Christmas for your friend in Australia would be a nice and stylish sunglass.

3. In France the Christmas spree starts from 5th December. On the actual Christmas Day, the French people attend the Church and that is followed by a grand feat with family. The traditional food for this festival is buche de Noel. It is a rich and savory buttercream-filled cake. For your loved one in France, you can send a nice plum or rum Christmas cake.

4. German people start celebrating Christmas, four Sunday’s prior to the Christmas day. And they spend each evening singing carols and lighting candles. With Christmas shopping online, you can get candles of various shapes and sizes for your friend based in Germany.

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Happy Birthday Jesus

Happy Birthday Jesus

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