1,400-Year-Old Chinese Ginkgo Tree Is Drowning A Buddhist Temple In A Flood Of Golden Leaves

Published 9 years ago

The beauty of autumn lies in all the pretty yellow and red leaves. One 1,400-year-old ginko tree in China is giving a special autumn treat. A veritable flood of yellow leaves are covering the ground, hiding any green that could be seen. This tree stands near the Gu Guanyin Buddhist Temple in the Zhongnan Mountains.

Ginko trees (sometimes called “maidenhair”) are sometimes called “living relics,” because they have changed little over the last 270 million years. The tree has been cultivated for a long time and it has both culinary and medicinal uses. Its seeds are used in a vegetarian dish called “Buddha’s delight”. Maybe that’s why it was planted near the temple so long ago

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