You Can't Find The Perfect Job But You Can Create It

Published 8 years ago

A little motivation for all the desperate souls out there. Dream on!

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Discovering The Creator Within Yourself

Discovering The Creator Within Yourself

First off, let me tell you something that you probably didn’t know! You are amazing and you’ve got what it takes to be a creator. In fact, you were born with it. It’s deep down within yourself. Some say it’s a divine sparkle, I simply call it being a creator cause you can invent all kinds of awesome stuff simply if you want to.

Everybody on this planet is capable of coming up with mind-boggling ideas and materialize them into the next big thing. Now, I guess you are giving me the confused stare while silently asking “if everybody is a creator, then why can’t we all make our living with what we truly care about?”

The answer is very simple – fear! Believe it or not, people are afraid of failing to death. “It’s never safe to branch out on your own and do your thing for you can lose everything in the end.” That’s what you are constantly being reminded of and as of now, I want you to give your best to erase those silly fears out of your mind for good.

Forget about what your mom, dad, grandpa and grandma have told you that you are not worthy to be one of the greatest human beings in the history of humanity cause you can! If nobody believes in you, then I do!

Working towards your dream job is the most exciting journey you could ever embark upon. You get to discover who you are, what you are capable of and how far you could go to take what belongs to you – happiness.

If you expect me to share a proven success formula however, I gotta tell you that you are on the wrong page. This post is all about self-discovery and motivation. No matter how many hours you spend on digging up life hacks, tips and tricks, you won’t find what’s most relevant for you. That’s because everybody is different and the only way to catch all the clues, you have to be a little foolish and crazy as hell, so that you plunge into the unknown and reap all the knowledge on your way to the top.

Being Weird Is Another Way Of Standing Out

Image created by John D. Williams

Now, let’s talk about the virtues of being weird. As much as your ideas are odd, they can be a potential goldmine. Always remember that you cannot predict what will happen in the very next moment. Life goes at a breakneck speed and things change rapidly.You never know if your ideas won’t go viral and be the next prodigy for years to come. If it feels right, go and chase your dream with everything you have got. You don’t, in fact, I advise you NOT to be like everybody else! Do your thing consistently and always picture the day when you will be making your living through your craft.

The very first step in creating your perfect job is imagining it. William Arthur Ward, a very inspirational writer by the way, expressed one particular statement that’s worth more than all overly-praised motivational courses in just two sentences:

“If you can imagine it, you can achieve it. If you can dream it, you can become it.”

Boom! Do you see it now? Basically, it’s matter of getting yourself convinced that you can be successful by projecting everything you want to achieve on a daily basis. From that point on, you will trigger a steady inspirational flow, which will keep your faith up throughout the seemingly hectic journey to the job of your dreams.

Seeking Opportunities Beyond Your Comfort Zone

Your comfort zone

One thing I know for sure is that you have not been destined to make your living with a dead-end job. Although, it pays your bills, rent and food, it doesn’t cover your happiness. Your life is granted to you for the purpose of proving yourself and everybody else that you possess invaluable skills and creativity that will have a major influence on…everything.

Step out from your comfort zone and venture into the fun stuff. Don’t be afraid to experiment with something new, never heard of and most of all crazy as hell. I cannot guarantee if it will work but I can assure you it’s far better than staying in the safe zone. If it doesn’t work out from the first try, go give it another shot until you get on the right track.

Somewhere along the line you will get discouraged so much that you’ll reconsider getting yourself back hooked up to the system. It’s easier to quit but are you willing to lay to rest all the awesome ideas that you have in mind? Is it really worth giving up on you most precious – your happiness? I don’t think so. You are better than that, so get up and move on!

Facing The Hardships With Arms Wide Open

Young female rock climber at sunset, Kalymnos Island, Greece

Overcoming hardships is not a piece of cake as some gurus would tell you. Let’s be honest here. There is no short cut to success. It simply does not exist and if you haven’t stopped turning stones with the hopes of finding the key to everything, better off do it right now.

You see, to be as great as Leonardo Da Vinci or Albert Einstein for example, you not only have to be insanely curious but also crazy enough to choose the rockiest, steepest and most dangerous route of all. The one that no one would dare to choose because of their fears!

Remember, you need to be:

A risk taker: Aim at what you truly care about and never ever put up with stuff that makes you feel miserable!

A bold son of a….genius: Don’t be afraid to go for the craziest and most atypical ideas.

Focused: Don’t let anyone distract you from your dream. What matters the most is you and your success, so forget about people’s misunderstanding and disapproval.

A little silly: If you take things way too serious, you will do more harm to yourself. “Stay hungry, stay foolish” – Steve Jobs.

Having Fun While Making Your Way To The Job Of Your Dreams

Having Fun While Making Your Way To The Job Of Your Dreams

As I previously mentioned, don’t take failures too seriously. Keep in mind that this is a test for your will and faith of reaching the best of who you are as a person, creator and source of inspiration.

No matter how tough it can be every once in a while, smile and always look at the bright side. Dream on, experiment and have fun cause life’s purpose is to create and enjoy yourself not the other way around. :)

So, what are you waiting for? It’s you who need to act. Go, now, go and pursue the career of your dreams. You can do it. I believe in you! So does the world!

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