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Dove’s Powerful Campaign Shows That Women Can ‘Choose Beautiful’

Do you feel beautiful? Do you choose to feel beautiful? That’s what Dove explored with their globe-trotting campaign ‘Choose Beautiful’.

Stunning 3D Ice Cube Sculptures Carved Using High-Tech Machinery

Most of us use warm water to make clear ice cubes and think it to be the peak of fanciness. But these intricate ice cubes blow ours out of the, ahem, water.

Use Condoms, Avoid Unplanned Little Tyrants

Nobody is saying that babies literally are tiny Hitlers. But as an ad by Ganesh Prasad Acharya suggests, unplanned babies can impact your life - and freedom - in dramatic ways.

Love Is Colorful: Ad Campaign Shows That Love Comes In All Shapes, Colors And Sizes

Would love your significant others if they were green? ‘Love is Colourful’, an ad campaign by Zim Colored Powder, says 'yes!'

Brilliant Ad Reminds Us Not To Measure A Woman’s Worth By Her Clothes

'Clothes don't make the man', or, in case of this social campaign, the woman. Feminist group Terre des Femmes and Miami Ad School colaborated to make 'A Woman's Worth', ad campaign against judging women by the clothes.

Butt It’s For A Good Cause: Cheeky Bus Ads Promote Colon Cancer Awareness

Sitting down carries the risk of exposing one's butt-crack to the world. However, this bus ad by Meredith's Miracles and FCB ad agency suggests that you show your butt to at least one person: a doctor.

Love Has No Labels: PSA Uses X-Ray To Show That Deep Inside, We’re All Skeletons

Art can be used for social change, that's no secret. Such is the role of Ad Council's video Love Has No Labels. A public X-ray screen which shows skeletons kissing, hugging and dancing before they emerge on stage as people.

Photographer Freezes Dancer In Time As She Performs In Bursts Of Powder

Brussels-based photographer Jeffrey Vanhoutte captured the spectacular dance movements of a professional acrobatic dancer interacting with impressive explosions of powder.

This Giant Rock Is Actually A Little Camouflaged Cabin In The Swiss Alps

Swiss studio Bureau A designed this peculiar little cabin that looks just like an ordinary boulder to the unsuspecting passersby.

Shocking Print Ads Show The Horrible Effects Of Deforestation

Creative and art director Ganesh Prasad Acharya and copywriter Kaushik Katty Roy's arresting ads for Sanctuary Asia encourage us to see the destruction of wildlife habitats as nothing less than the murder of all its native fauna.

Powerful Billboard In South Korea Lets You Step In And Prevent Child Abuse

This interactive social ad on a sidewalk in South Korea is clearly one of those that you can‘t simply pass by in all good conscience. The billboard shows the silhouettes of an adult man and a child that he’s threatening with a bottle in his hand.

Hundreds Of Climbers Scaled The Swiss Alps For Epic Photoshoot

Swiss mountaineering brand Mammut collaborated with hundreds of fearless mountaineers and professional photographer Robert Bösch to create a majestic photoshoot in the Swiss Alps.