30 Clever Ideas From Retail Stores To Bring Customers Back To The Shop

Published 10 months ago

In a world that is getting more and more inclined towards online shopping, retail stores need to constantly innovate so they can creatively keep customers coming back to their stores. 

Some shops have come up with unique marketing gimmicks to retain their local customers in the most appreciable manner. In fact, some would go so far as to say, that perhaps every store could take a leaf out of their books. So scroll below for some of the most ingenious promotional campaigns that retail stores everywhere should implement. 

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#1 A Grocery Cart That Attaches To A Wheelchair To Provide Greater Independence While Shopping

Image source: Latida2828

#2 Crayola Started A “Choose Your Own Crayon Box” Station In This Office Supply Store

Image source: cuntuckyfriedlicker

#3 The Body Shop In Stockholm Has This Now. Refillable Shampoos And Other Products

Image source: Nyxie27

#4 This Store Sorts Avocados By Ripeness

Image source: eeltech

#5 “Blind Dates With A Book” Prevent You From Judging A Book By Its Cover

Image source: andromedat

#6 This Store Allows You To Build Your Own Pens

Image source: reddit.com

#7 Our Local Shop Grows Its Own Salads And Herbs On Site

Image source: Bo0ombaklak

#8 Free Vegetable Leaves For Pets In My Local Supermarket

Image source: Lord_Stahlregen

#9 My Grocery Store Started Selling Overripe Bananas For Cheap With A Recipe For Banana Bread On The Bag

Image source: WholesomeSwissCheese

#10 They Have Pet Carts In Grocery Stores In Italy

Image source: MerleChi

#11 The Vegetable Shops Here Shows A Picture Of The Farmer

Image source: keebler980

#12 This Board In An Italian Supermarket Shows You What Fruit Is Available At Different Times Of The Year. This Would Be Useful In All Supermarkets

Image source: VeryLazyLewis

#13 Men’s Restroom In A Grocery Store Had A Selection Of Free Diapers

Image source: HydroMagnet

#14 This Irish Supermarket Has Quiet Evenings For Sensitive People

Image source: Smetvrees

#15 This Store In Poland Allows You To Buy Frozen Dumplings And Veggies In Bulk And Weight Them Instead Of Prepackaged Boxes

Image source: Sh1n1ngM4n

#16 These Shopping Carts In German Store Have A Built-In Magnifying Glass

Image source: HothHanSolo

#17 Supermarket Trolleys In Sweden Have A Map Of The Supermarket

Image source: caspii2

#18 This Sporting Goods Shop Has A Pool To Test Aquatic Equipment

Image source: Fluxifactor

#19 My Local Grocery Store Prints Their Receipt Paper Double-Sided

Image source: KnesR

#20 Our Local Supermarket Makes Juice Out Of Unsold Fruits. Literally Zero Waste

Image source: EduKehakettu

#21 My Shopping Bag Has A Printed Holiday Pattern, So It Can Be Reused As A Wrapping Paper

Image source: zuckerbooger

#22 In This Grocery Store, Cashiers Hangs Up Flags At Their Registers To Indicate The Languages They Speak

Image source: spicyfishtacos

#23 These Two Different Sets Of Shopping Baskets At A Department Store In Bangkok. For Those That Need Help And Those That Want To Be Left Alone

Image source: saksith

#24 This Checkout Has No Candy For Parents With Kids

Image source: KrazoaSpirit

#25 These Mini Display Tents

Image source: spotter_300

#26 Chairs In A Mall Food Court Are Notched To Hold Shopping Bags

Image source: capnfatpants

#27 This Baby Store Has Different Surfaces To “Road Test” The Strollers

Image source: eyedubb

#28 All Supermarkets Should Do This

Image source: IcrapRainbows

#29 This Shopping Cart Has A Spot For Kids To Stand On While Their Parents Pushes

Image source: zOneNzOnly

#30 The Bra Store I Went To Has Instructions For A Self Breast Exam In The Changing Room

Image source: redskybymorning

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