40 Of The Most Clever Marketing Campaigns Created By Companies

Published 2 months ago

In today’s world, advertisements seem to be everywhere we turn. From online videos to social media feeds, billboards to car wraps, it feels like there’s no escaping them. We endure multiple commercials before even starting a video, with more popping up throughout that we impatiently wait to “skip.” Amid this sea of relentless advertising, it’s rare to come across an ad that genuinely captures our attention. 

However, there’s one subreddit committed to uncovering the most ingenious marketing campaigns and showcasing them online. Below, you’ll discover a selection of remarkably clever ads that have been spotted in various corners of the world.

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#1 “Protect Wildlife, Before It’s Too Late” WWF Deutschland Campaign

Image source: knobiknows

#2 Littering Says A Lot About You – Live Green Toronto

Image source: adamfcb

#3 World Vision – He Sees What Can’t Be Shown

Image source: adamfcb

#4 Mississippi Department Of Transportation Ad Against Distracted Driving

Image source: Hobbescrownest

DetriMentaL: This woman ahead of me was so busy applying lipstick whilst driving she barely noticed the crossing ahead and i had to slam on my breaks so hard i almost mistweeted my disgust when i dropped my phone

#5 1968 Magazine Ad

Image source: StephenMcGannon

Nadine Debard: “any part of the body” ha ha

#6 From The Coldest Waters Of Norway – Ocean Blue

Image source: adamfcb

Kate: Poor Henrik

#7 Mcdonalds Heatwave Ad (UK)

Image source: adamfcb

AnnaRachelle: They got the shake machine working?

#8 Smirnoff (1990)

Image source: StephenMcGannon

Olivia Lisbon: The mouse was too hungover to move

#9 One Click Can Change Your Future

Image source: nice-queen997

#10 IKEA Early Christmas Sale Ad (2014)

Image source: Raketlie

#11 TG4: Irish TV Ad For Women’s Gaelic Football Season

Image source: mobiuszeroone

Caro Caro: Very clever. Photography is great too.

#12 This Canon Camera Ad On A Suzuki Jimny

Image source: ikke4live

Lexekon: Biggest back-up camera ever….

#13 Nike – Your Only Limit Is You

Image source: Upset-Wafer-5179

#14 3D Billboard For An Post. Dublin, Ireland (2023)

Image source: StephenMcGannon

#15 British Airways

Image source: adamfcb

David: If the person next to you on the plane is that pale they might be a geisha, a vampire or dead. /J

#16 Crown Royal (1990)

Image source: StephenMcGannon

#17 No Easy Way Out – Women’s Helpline

Image source: adamfcb

#18 J&b Scotch Whiskey (1990)

Image source: StephenMcGannon

PinkPanda: Neat!

#19 Colgate Floss, 2011

Image source: Porkchops_on_My_Face

Cosmikid: Ok, good. A thinker. Had to look 3 times to understand, then laugh; ok.

Gillbella: The floss helps gets the seeds out

#20 McDonald’s – Loved By All

Image source: adamfcb

Nadine Debard (edited): I wish there was some kind of batmobile or an UFO

#21 Breast Cancer Now – Beat It

Image source: adamfcb

#22 Lupin On Netflix (Or A Fake Jewelry Campaign)

Image source: HelicopterCorrect669

Sue Denham: Good ad campaign for sunscreen.

#23 Vintage Bob’s Big Boy Menu & Advertising

Image source: myvisionvivid

#24 Duck Head (1990)

Image source: StephenMcGannon

Kimbowa: There’s a brand that really lasted.

#25 Thai Restaurant In A Small Town In Ireland

Image source: OCTM2

SCamp: Well played, very punny

#26 A Local Lawyer

Image source: roariah

Fred L.: Better Call Matt

#27 Volkswagen Polo Ad (2005)

Image source: Raketlie

Auntriarch: Chortle! Though it did set me wondering if there’s a VW Lego

#28 IKEA Ad For Upcoming Store Opening In Oxford Street, London

Image source: Porkchops_on_My_Face

#29 Jim Beam (1990)

Image source: StephenMcGannon

Cosmikid: Yes, good.. Many today will not understand the very deep connection with Crosby.

#30 Rebel Sport – We’re Up For It

Image source: adamfcb

#31 Panasonic (1990)

Image source: StephenMcGannon

A B C the Fourth (QUIT CENSORING BP) : lol, my first thought was “why did they put a spring under that egg cooker? Wait, that’s not a cooker, that’s a camcorder. Why did they put eggs on a camcorder? Waaaaait…”

#32 Trains – Now On Uber

Image source: adamfcb

Zelda McLink: How do you Uber a train?

#33 Travel Faster With A Good Book – National Library Of Singapore

Image source: adamfcb

#34 Nike Ad By Wieden+ Kennedy Featuring Young Serena Williams

Image source: jkpj22

#35 Maxell (1990)

Image source: StephenMcGannon

Cosmikid: I remember this one; it had impact.

#36 After Six 1972

Image source: slinkslowdown

J9: Such beautiful vibrant colours

#37 Pink Flamingoes (1987)

Image source: StephenMcGannon

Olivia Lisbon: “Genuine pink plastic – none of your garbage white plastic!”

#38 Sony (1990)

Image source: StephenMcGannon

Corvus: These looked so futuristic when I was a kid.

#39 Icee (1976)

Image source: StephenMcGannon

Chocolate llama: they could have gone for “coolest drink in town” but noooo :D

#40 Technics (1987)

Image source: StephenMcGannon

Cosmikid: “Never get out of your chair again!” – yep

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