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Freaky Graffiti Of Dissected Cartoon Animals And Pop Culture Characters

Art has to make you feel something, even if that something isn't entirely pleasant. For example, Nychos here loves making pictures of dissected animals and even cartoon characters.

Banksy Secretly Gets Into Gaza To Create Controversial Street Art

Banksy is the artist when it comes to street art of all sorts. And he continues to stick it to the man by sneaking into Gaza, Palestine, to draw some uncomfortable art.

Highly Detailed Origami Dinosaurs and Dragons By Vietnamese Chemistry Teacher

Paper planes are easy and most people don't bleed to death while trying to make paper boats. But Adam Tran of Vietnam can make origami dinosaurs - big ones, too.

Artist Grows Crystals On Discarded Books To Show Their Fragility

People will spout about impermanence of digital records, but books are really fragile, too. Alexis Arnold from San Francisco wanted to illustrate that with her project The Crystallized Book.

Art Teacher Does Some Amazing Chalkboard Drawings To Motivate His Students

Reddit user 'Nate100100' writes that he's an art teacher who uses his free time to draw on the chalkboar din his classroom. The results are fantastic. Nate goes wild when he gets colored chalk, but he's still amazing even when working with plain old white chalk.

This Dad Started Making Jewelry From Scrap Metal Just A Year Ago And He’s Too Good At It

A lot of art has been made from garbage to make a point, but how about actually making beautiful stuff? Well, when he lost his job about a year ago, Carolina Breeze's newly unemployed dad presented her with a beautiful piece of recycled jewelry and they've never looked back.

Linear Patterns By Chaim Machlev Make Tattoos Flow Over Your Body

Tribal tattoos are so passe, but that doesn‘t mean you can‘t have fun with lines! Chaim Machlev, a tattoo artist based in Berlin, creates linear and minimalistic tattoos with beautiful alluring, flowing forms.

Never-Ending Whirlpool Of Dark Water Installed In Floor Looks Like Black Hole

Whirpools are scary (unless you're the main character in a fantasy book). But how about making one of your own? That's what Anish Kapoor, a London-based Indian artist, did with Descension. He created an active black whirpool set in the floor of the Kochi-Muziris Biennale, leading to a seemingly endless pit.

Boyfriend Has His Girlfriend Turned Into Disney Princess For Valentine’s Day

Flowers and candy are like the emergency rations of Valentine's day: it’s better than nothing. Brian Flynn wanted a lot more, so he asked artist Dylan Bonner to redraw his girlfriend Manini as various Disney characters. It’s quite an original gift and a very fitting one: this couple loves Disney movies!

Spooky Watercolor And Ink Cats Flowing Onto Canvas By Endre Penovác

The cat is the internet's favorite animal, and Endre Penovác, an artist in Serbia, likes painting (among other things) translucent watercolor kitties.

Sew Wanderlust: Instead of Taking Photos, This Traveling Artist Embroiders Scenery On The Spot

Taking travel pictures is easy: point, click, get 3-50 likes on Facebook. Teresa Lim, a textile designer, wanted something more out of her travel mementos, so she embroidered what she saw.

Dad Colors His Children’s Drawings To Connect With Them While He Travels

Fred Giovannitti is what you could call a 'Renaissance dad': he's an artist and an entrepreneur, he spends a third of the month doing tattoos in Vegas, he works on marine ecology projects... and to top it all off, he collaborates with his children to spruce up their drawings.