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What If Pop Culture Characters Lived In The 16th Century?

“What if Superman was born in the sixteenth century?” asks French photographer Sacha Goldberger, “And what if the Hulk was a Duke? How might Van Eyck have portrayed Snow White?”

Little Japanese Flip Books Use Negative Space To Reveal Their Secret Stories

This magical series of magical flip books published by Mou Hitotsu no Kenkyujo tells magical stories as you flip through its pages with your thumb. But they're not like any old flipbook - they use cut-outs to reveal images in the negative spaces left behind.

Mom Sews Disney Costumes For Her Daughter To Wear On Their Weekly Trips To Disney World

Chad and Jennifer Rouch are a peculiar couple in Florida who are completely mad about everything Disney-related. It comes as no surprise that they've inspired a passion for all things Disney in their 3-year-old daughter Lane as well.

Husband Hires 23 Artists to Make His Wife A Birthday Present

Ernst Berlin commissioned 23 artists that he found on Reddit Gets Drawn to create their own interpretations of his family‘s photos. He decided to make this project as a birthday present for his wife Agnes and to celebrate the addition of a new member to their family - an 8-month-old baby.

Van Gogh’s Starry Night Recreated As A Glow-In-The-Dark Bike Path In Netherlands

Nuenen, the Netherlands, has a new extraordinary attraction – a dreamy solar-powered bicycle path that glows in the dark. The path, created by Dutch designer Daan Roosegaarde, looks just like a river of stars, fallen down from the Van Gogh’s "Starry Night."

Mom Draws Inspiring Illustrations On Her Kids’ Lunch Bags Every Day

This loving mother has been drawing on her two kids' brown paper lunch bags every single day for the past year. The woman uses her after-dinner free time to concentrate on her works, which she creates using prismacolor colored pencils, sharpies, and regular Crayola markers.

Artist Leaves Beautiful Installations In Public Spaces To Surprise Passersby

David Allen is an artist who leaves his natural sculptures out in public natural spaces to be found by passers-by thirsty for inspiration. “Nothing makes me happier than sharing these works with others," writes David.

Artist Plays With Clouds In His Imaginative Photos

German visual artist Markus Einspannier has a peculiar passion for clouds, which he whimsically expresses in his fun photos. After taking pictures of real clouds with his Polaroid, he adds his own interpretations afterwards, or simply jumps straight into the frame while photographing.

More Funny And Clever Illustrations By Shanghai Tango

We previously focused on Shanghai Tango's clever animal illustrations, so this time, we'd like to focus on his newest works, which range from refined social critique to silly illusions and playful visual puns.

3D Doodles By Joao Carvalho Seem To Leap Off The Page

Artist João Carvalho, also known as J Desenhos, bends, stretches, twists, dents, and curves his trademark blue lines in his notebook to create these fun-to-look at 3D illusions. With a bit of nice shading work, the artist makes us believe that these drawings are far more than flat paper sketches.

Mother Of Four Makes Creative Sunny Side Up Eggs For Breakfast

Anne Widya is a Hong Kong-based mother of four who doesn’t mind spending some extra time preparing breakfast for her little ones. She specializes in sunny-side-up egg creations where she turns fried eggs into funny elements of larger food illustrations.

22 Of The Best Entries To The Threadcakes Cake Competition

These 22 beautiful artworks look just like sculptures, but they are all almost entirely edible delicious cakes, created for the annual Threadcakes competition.