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Artist Reimagines Zodiac Characters As Vicious Monsters

USA-based digital artist Damon Hellandbrand has created a wonderful series depicting Zodiac characters as menacing, nightmarish monsters - the way they might have looked when strolling an Earth inhabited by ancient gods.

Every Winter, These 3 Brothers Create Stunning Snow Sculptures In Their Front Yard

For the past 4 winters, the Bartz brothers have been creating a new giant sculpture of a sea animal on their family’s front lawn. This year it’s a 12-feet-tall and 31-feet-wode sea turtle, named Snappy that appeared on their front yard, inviting all of the curious passersby to come closer.

Artist Paints Rooms With Murals That Glow Under Blacklight

Vienna-based artist Bogi Fabian paints exceptional murals that look different under three different lighting conditions: in the daylight, in the dark, and under UV light.

Wounderland: Photos Of Grotesque Monsters Accompanied By Mounted Animals

Mothmeister is the Belgium-based couple behind these brilliantly creepy portraits of grotesque characters and their little companions – real mounted animals. They pose for their photos in extraordinary monster costumes and terrifying masks with all sorts of ghoulish details.

Amazing Ice And Snow Art From The 31st Harbin International Festival

The annual Harbin International Ice and Snow Sculpture Festival in Heilongjiang province, China is a true winter wonderland for kids and adults, who can stroll around and through the magnificent ice and snow creations.

29 Powerful Reactions From Cartoonists Around The World Honor The Victims Of The Charlie Hebdo Shooting

In order to pay their respects and honor the courage of the cartoonists and others lost at the Charlie Hebdo shooting, many other cartoonists created their own illustrations dedicated to the tragic event.

Cute Illustrations Show How Animals Would Deal With Human Problems

Illustrator Geoffrey Hewer-Candee has a cute ongoing illustration series called “Animal Problems.”

Hypnotizing Dance Has Performers Interact With Digital Projections

French performance artists Adrien Mondot and Claire Bardainne gathers 11 dancers to create an hour-long dance and light fiesta with interactive monochromatic digital projections.

Self-Taught Artist Creates Incredibly Creepy Makeup Art

A redditor going by the name of Manatee94 shared some pictures of her favorite recently created makeup art pieces. Though it's a new-found hobby for her, she has already had some amazing results.

84-Year-Old Man Builds A Death Star Fire Pit To His Grandchildren For Christmas

One reddit user showed off to her fellow readers her awesome Christmas gift– a Death Star fire pit.

Body Painter Turns Humans Into Animals

Florida-based artist Shannon Holt is a master of disguising human body under her unique body art paintings. In her series “Florida Wildlife Series,” her models became canvases for colorful animal portraits that took Holt from 6 to 12 hours to paint each.

Melancholic B&W Watercolors Of Children And Wild Animals

Indonesia-based artist Elicia Edijanto paints these beautiful black and white watercolors, contrasting the majestic animals with the small figures of children.