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Controversial Illustrations Pinpoint The Darker Side Of Our Society

Spanish artist Luis Quiles' illustrations are somewhere between edgy and inappropriate, denuding problems like sexism, homophobia, violence, misogyny and the abuse of social networks and technology. He uses the most visually striking way he can without warranting censorship (though he's run into it before).

Artist Turns Old Paint Brushes Into Elegant Dame Sculptures

San Francisco-based artist Rebecca Szeto uses the unconventional media of paintbrushes for her elegant sculptures. The brushes, with their tops carved out and their bristles matted and soaked in paint, look just like aristocratic dames in historic paintings with ornate and puffed dresses.

Flip Tales: Cute Notebook Animations Turn Names Into Animals

If you want to see what kind of animal your name can be turned into, you may find a visualization on Flip Tales. The artist behind this website writes a name in capital letters and draws a sequence showing that name transforming into an animal of their choice.

Fantasy Porcelain Animals By Ukrainian Artist Duo Anya Stasenko And Slava Leontyev

Ukrainian artists Anya Stasenko and Slava Leontyev create wonderful little porcelain animals that seem to come from a strange fantasy world. The creative duo sculpts and paints over porcelain sculptures that range between 4 and 40 centimeters of height.

Artist Uses Her Fingers To Create Photorealistic Images That Raise Climate Change Awareness

U.S. artist Zaria Forman's beautiful images of water and glaciers may seem like photos at first, but they're not – they're photo-realistic drawings that she created using soft pastels and her fingers!

Satiric Illustrations By John Holcroft Show Today’s Problems In The Style Of The 50′s

British artist John Holcroft draws satiric digital illustrations that depict our commonly shared human flaws and social issues as they relate to technology and social behavior.

Incredible 3D Graffiti Illusions By Portuguese Artist Odeith

Portuguese mural artist Odeith stands out from other urban painters with his mind-bending 3D graffiti works. Using deceptive shadows, hues, and other tricks, he manages to bring his 2D murals to life and make his paintings look as if they truly leap off the walls.

Russian Artist Creates Beautifully Accurate Steampunk Animal Sculptures With Moving Parts

Russian artist Igor Verniy creates awe-inspiring steampunk animal and human sculptures that have accurately moving parts, making the creatures look impressively realistic.

Illustration Made Of Hundreds Of Hidden Drawings By Davit Yukhanyan

Yerevan, Armenia, -based architect and illustrator Davit Yukhanyan goes to unimaginable detail when it comes to his drawings.

Bold Bakery: The Sweetest Way To Say F**k You

Michigan-based evil genius baker Sarah Brockett has created sweet cakes, pies, and cupcakes with bitter little words on top of them that let you share some nasty thoughts with the objects of your anger or dislike.

20 Of The Most Creative DIY And Recycled Christmas Tree Ideas

We wanted to show you 20 of the most creative, recycled, or simply fun Christmas trees around to inspire you with unconventional ideas for the brightest and coziest holidays of all!

Magnificent Cathedral In Italy Formed By Real Growing Trees

Italian artist Guiliano Mauri is the father of this spectacular Cattedrale Vegetale (Tree Cathedral), a unique building created out of rows of real living trees.