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Elderly Gardener Spent The Last 13 Years Turning His 150-Ft-Long Hedge Into A Fantastic Dragon

John Brooker, a 75-year-old man living in the UK, transformed his straight boring 150-foot hedge into a wonderfully shaped green dragon. The fantastic creature extends on one side of his rented farm cottage and is up to 10 ft (3 m).

Artist Creates Gigantic Glass Flowers To Draw Our Attention To Their Beauty And Detail

Seattle-based modern glass master Jason Gamrath creates gorgeous large-scale glass flowers, bringing the details of their micro world to our macro scale. The artist mainly focuses on orchids and carnivorous plants, which shine with vivid colours and dazzle us with their remarkably realistic features and details.

24 Pieces Of Street Art That Creatively Play With Their Surroundings

These clever site-specific arrangements take these pieces of street art above and beyond. Rather than just painting a preconceived painting on a public canvas, these artists found locations that work together with their artwork.

Self-Taught Makeup Artist Turns Herself Into Evil Monsters And Fictional Characters

This is a collection of her most eye-catching make-up and face-painting character designs by Elsa Rhae Pageler. They'll make you wonder - where did her real facial features go?

Artist Inserts Funny Cartoons Into The Real World With Transparency Sheets

Marty Cooper is a great storyboard artist and even a greater scribbler, which he proves in these funny transparency sheet doodles. The transparent media helps him work on the spot and create expressive cartoon characters that can be transported into real-life situations in an instant. Some of the characters are creepy, some of them are...

Your Favorite Childhood Cartoon Characters Turned Into Psycho Killers

LA-based digital concept artist Dan LuVisi has unleashed a torrent of horrific, obscene and dreadful childhood nightmares in his striking series of “Popped Culture” illustrations. Here, our most beloved cartoon characters become brutal psychopaths, serial killers, cold-blooded monsters and masterminds of pure evil.

Extraordinary Mud Paintings Decorate An Entire Classroom To Bring Art Into Indian Village Children’s Lives

Japanese artist Yusuke Asai used 8 different types of local mud, dirt, and dust to cover all the walls and the ceiling of a classroom of a village school in east India.

Artist Shows How Disney Princesses Would Look As Different Ethnicities

Visual experiments with Disney characters have become quite a popular way to explore alternative fictional realities and to make social statements. The author of the Let There be Doodles Tumblr, for example, reimagined how the most iconic and beloved Disney princesses would look if they had different ethnicities.

These Beautiful Stones Were Accidentally Produced During Car Painting Process

Fordite, also known as Detroit agate, is a beautiful stone and a wonderful relic of urban history. The extraordinary gem looks very much like a natural agate, rippling with layers upon layers of the most vibrant colours there are. The stones were produced by car painting techniques that are no longer practiced - layered spray-painting...

Hirotoshi Ito’s Incredible Stone Sculptures Totally Rock

Japanese artist Hirotoshi Ito breathes life into stone by transforming it into practically anything but stone itself. His whimsical and unique stone sculptures create surreal optical illusions that can make us forget that they are actually made of solid stone.

Artist Covers Her Graceful Porcelain Figures With Sailor Tattoos

Scottish artist Jessica Harrison is known for her daring and often macabre sculpting experiments in which she explores the relationship between the inner and outer body in explicit and provoking sculptures. In her recent work “Flash,” she juxtaposes delicate traditional feminine porcelain figures with mosaics of ornate sailor tattoos that cover their snow-white bodies at...

Craftsman Turns A Box Of Coloured Pencils Into Original Ring

When he's not doing his day job, Peter Brown is a talented woodworker who managed to create a beautiful and original ring from coloured pencils.