Heartbreaking Comic About An Abandoned Pet Rabbit By Artist Jenny Jinya

Published 4 years ago

Easter is just around the corner and even though we’ll most likely spend it in self-isolation, Jenny Jinya, the same artist that created the Good Boy and Black Cat comics, still prepared an important PSA regarding Easter bunnies.

Apparently, domestic rabbits are one of the most abandoned pets in the USA and there are a few reasons for that. Many people see them as great “starter pets” and believe they are easy to take care of but the reality is a little different. Rabbits actually need place to run around and exercise and cannot stay caged for long. Another little known fact is that they do not like being picked up as they are prey animals. Add all these facts together and it can come as a real surprise for someone who simply wanted a cute bunny to keep inside a cage. The onslaught of pet rabbits to animal shelters after Easter has even led to many pet stores refusing to sell them before this holiday.

Like always, Jenny’s comic is a real tearjerker but still manages to get the point across perfectly – check it out in the gallery below!

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As rabbits mature, they may begin to show signs of aggressiveness, something that can easily be fixed by spaying or neutering them. Sadly, many owners don’t realize that or do not want to pay a lot of money for these procedures and end up giving them away or simply releasing them in the woods.

Image credits: jenny_jinya

The pet owners believe that the pet rabbits will survive in the wild by themselves. But the sad reality is that domestic rabbits simply do not have the skills necessary to survive in the wild.

People loved Jenny’s bittersweet comic

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