40 Interesting Comparison Photos That Will Help You See Certain Things From A Different Perspective (New Pics)

Published 4 years ago

Sometimes when we’re going about our nine-to-five’s, working, sleeping and watching Netflix become the only things we think about. However, there are still plenty of interesting things around us – and lucky for us, there are people out there who are making sure we don’t miss them.

Today we have a collection of fascinating comparison photos shared by people, and they will help you see things from a different perspective. From tiny animals to gigantic doors – check them out in the gallery below! And if you want more, see our previous posts here, here and here!

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#1 A Couple Decided To Rebuild Their Deserted Piece Of Land Of 600 Hectares In Aimorés, Brazil. They Planted More Than 2 Million Tree Saplings

Image source: Instituto Terra

As a result, the site has 293 plant species, 172 bird species and 33 animal species, some of which were on the verge of extinction. Took 18 years.

#2 The Progression Of Alzheimer’s Through My Mom’s Crocheting

Image source: wuillermania

#3 My Grandpa And His Friend Who Was Born Across The Street From Him 2 Hours After Him. Navy Picture Around 1942/43 And When They Turned 93 A Couple Of Years Ago

Image source: squidreynolds

#4 Pretty Sure No One Switched My Baby At Birth. Progress From 3 Weeks Left Inside To 3 Weeks On The Outside

Image source: borrow_a_feeling

#5 Couple At Woodstock 48 Hours After They Met And 50 Years Later

Image source: PBS Distribution

#6 Five Generations. My Daughter Was Born The Same Year My Great Grandma Turned 100

Image source: mrseagleeye

#7 New Zealand Supermarkets Are Finally Trialing Less Plastic On Their Fruit And Veggies

Image source: countdown.co.nz

Photo on the left is what it’s currently like buying fruit and vegetables from a supermarket. Even the ‘odd bunch’ ones down the bottom right are meant to be less wasteful because they’re not the normal perfectly shaped/colored ones, but still come in plastic bags. Photo on the right is the current trial in a handful of supermarkets around the country. Here’s hoping it’s successful and they roll this out nationwide!

#8 Women’s Pockets Can Fit Less Than Half Of A Switch Lite, Whereas Men’s Pockets Can Fit A Whole Switch

Image source: definitelynottori

#9 Comparison Between Trash And Fabric. These Shirts Are Made From Plastic Bottles

Image source: AutumnBegins

#10 Same Boot, 3 Years Later

Image source: fourNtwentyz

#11 Bamboo That Grew Up During The Pandemic Without The Effect Of Tourists’ Touch

Image source: watercatte

#12 After 9 Years Of Work, I Finally Got My Braces Off! I Couldn’t Stop Smiling

Image source: ScoutMasterWes

#13 The World’s Largest Ocean Sunfish Compared To How Small They Are At Birth

Image source: Amy Coghlan

#14 A Doctor Sneezed, Sang, Talked & Coughed Toward An Agar Culture Plate With And Without A Mask

Image source: Dr. Richard Davis

#15 Two-Hour Time Progression Of Getting My Hate Tattoo Removed Today

Image source: MyExesStalkMyReddit

#16 The Size Of This Flag Flown On A Spanish Ship At The Battle Of Trafalgar (1805) Compared To The Size Of People Around It

Image source: The National Maritime Museum

#17 Same Bike, Same Place, Same Girl. 71 Years Difference

Image source: ryanmark01

#18 The “Mud Maid”, A Living Sculpture Changing With The Seasons

Image source: boredpanda.com

Created by artist Susan Hill, the giant goddess slept along the woodland walk in the lost gardens of Heligan, Cornwall

#19 My Daughter And My Kitten Lost Their Baby Tooth In The Same Day

Image source: spinn80

#20 Three Years In Between

Image source: dfinedm

#21 Same Whale Found After 35 Years In The West Coast Of Mexico

Image source: happywhale.com

#22 Fossils Found Of Car-Sized Turtles That Once Roamed South America. Human For Scale

Image source: quince6

#23 My Dad And I 38 Years Apart, Thought I Should Post It Here

Image source: Nadname

#24 Same Street, First Day Of Winter vs. First Day Of Summer. Canada

Image source: lanky_one

#25 Same Wedding Outfits 60 Years Later

Image source: dskeezy05

#26 The Oldest Door Still In Use In Rome. Cast In Bronze For Emperor Hadrian’ Rebuilding, They Date From About 115AD. Compared To A Human Height

Image source: standy85

#27 My Cat Domino Has Heterochromia Which Has The Side-Effect That Light Reflects Differently Causing Him To Look Like The Terminator

Image source: SgtNene

#28 The Color Change Between My Horse’s Summer And Winter Coat Is Neat

Image source: PaperPonies

#29 I Found A Very Small Frog. A Penny For Scale

Image source: look-a-lurker

#30 Me And My Cousin. 2005 And 2020. It Was Much More Difficult To Take The Picture Now

Image source: Moosegang52

#31 Son And Mother, 17-Year-Old Renaud And 41-Year-Old Madineg

Image source: geneticportraits.ca

#32 Croissants. Before And After. Professional Baker Just Sharing A Nice Comparison

Image source: daraoh

#33 3 Months vs. 6 Months, Maine Coons Grow Super Fast

Image source: Unicornglitteryblood

#34 These Pictures Are Of The Same Bird Taken Years Apart, Illustrating The Difference Between Juvenile And Sub-Adult Plumage

Image source: aefeagles

It takes bald eagles about 5 years to obtain their white head

#35 My First Day Of Kindergarten 30 Years Apart

Image source: dragonbornsqrl

#36 Moss vs. Hatchling

Image source: Camilo_Carneiro

#37 I Counted All Of The Times Each Candidate Interrupted In The Presidential Election. Here Are The Results

Image source: WhittleAbby

#38 My Ankle Two Days Before Giving Birth (Left) And My Ankle Two Days After Giving Birth (Right)

Image source: whateverandamen

#39 Night vs. Day In Barcelona

Image source: willcheyney

#40 A Human Brain On The Left, A Dolphin Brain On The Right

Image source: therealrealme

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