44 Of The Most Interesting Comparison Photos

Published 5 years ago

Everything’s relative. For example, a tornado might not look like much in an empty plane field, but throw in a couple of wind turbines and you instantly get a reference point that highlights its scary size. Shaking up your perspective reveals the world in new light, and a recent list by Bored Panda offers just that. They compiled a series of photos that compare similar yet very different things. When put side by side, the contrast becomes really evident, revealing the details you might’ve missed if you experienced those things in a vacuum.


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#1 Then And Now: Cancer Patient vs. Cancer Survivor

Image source: Batson Children’s hospital

#2 The Day After Asher Was Adopted In 2012 vs. Today

Image source: EricaH121

#3 A Friend On Facebook Shared This Slide From Her Class. The Difference Between Urban, Suburban, And Rural

Image source: jrpolenik

#4 We Have Two Skinny Cats, And One Fat One

Image source: reddit.com

#5 Ski Trail Sign In Summer vs. In Winter

Image source: Neieric6

#6 The Difference 11 Days Can Make For This Maple Tree

Image source: LazuliBunting32

#7 Chinese Explorer Zheng He’s Ship Compared To Christopher Columbus’ Santa Maria. They Both Lived In The Same Era

Image source: pumpychowdown

#8 B2 Stealth Bomber Compared To A Falcon

Image source: icookcode

#9 My Wife’s Face On Our Wedding Day Compared To When She Met Rob

Image source: TheNervousPoops

#10 Movie vs. Real Life

Image source: cecibm007

#11 Size Comparison Of My Maine Coon To My American Shorthair

Image source: DefinitelyAverage

#12 My Brother And His Friend, Both Age 13. We Loved The Difference In Height

Image source: elleynads

#13 The Size Of A Tornado Compared To The Size Of Wind Turbines

Image source: chakalakasp

#14 At The Beach vs. Cleaning Feet After

Image source: JubJab123

#15 Smoker vs. Non-Smoker

Image source: Nevermind73

#16 Coming Home vs. Leaving

Image source: imgur.com

#17 Graphics Then vs. Graphics Now

Image source: HunsGraber

#18 Nearly 25 Years After The Fall Of The Berlin Wall, The Difference In Types Of Light Bulbs Can Still Be Seen From Space

Image source: TheOtherS1de

#19 Barcelona During The Day vs. During The Night

Image source: HDphoto

#20 Shark’s Brain vs. Dolphin’s Brain

Image source: PaviliaBay

#21 World’s Smallest Computer Compared To A Grain Of Rice

Image source: elee0228

#22 Fluffy Corgi vs. Regular Coat

Image source: GeoffTheRobot

#23 Human Skeleton Compared To Gorilla Skeleton

Image source: Sapientiam

#24 We Live Next To The Ocean, Here’s The Comparison Between The Outside And Inside Doorknob

Image source: mariobros237

#25 Eagle Claws Are Pretty Big Even In Comparison With Mammalian Predators

Image source: Palana

#26 You Can See The Difference Between The Tap Water And The Sparkling Water That I Poured Over It

Image source: menix

#27 Microscopic Look At Bee Stinger vs. Needle

#28 The Difference Between A Norwegian Soldier 75 Years Ago And Today

Image source: fiftyfiive

#29 Japan’s Highest Bridge’s Height Is Compared To Godzilla

Image source: notneededjunk

#30 Before And After Comparison Pics Of A Street In Surf City, NC After Florence

Image source: GieTheBawTaeReilly

#31 My Jeans vs. My Wife’s Jeans. I’m 6’ 3”and She’s 5’ 2”

Image source: Funkytown1177

#32 Whenever Somebody Posts A Photo Of The Milky Way, People Invariably Ask “Is That How You See It With The Naked Eye?”. Here’s A Representation Of What You Do See Compared To What Comes Out Of The Camera

This photo was taken at the Pinnacles Desert in Western Australia, the moon had just set below the horizon and the core of the Milky Way was rising towards the east and was at about 40 degrees. This obviously isn’t a perfect representation but it’s pretty close. You won’t see any color as our eyes can’t determine color very well in low light.

The photo you see on the left is directly out of the camera, no post processing has been done at all and you can see quite a bit of green towards the horizon and some orange and magenta hues in the core. My camera’s white balance was set to auto and this is a 30 second exposure. ISO was set at 3200 and aperture was f2.8.

edit Ok it seems some people are able to distinguish color in the Milky Way and some aren’t. Though it’s more common to not see any color. I did quite a bit of research and almost every time this question was posed, people had varying views on what they could and couldn’t see. No color – some color – lots of color. So I came to the conclusion that there are just too many variables to accurately depict what you can see, you can only approximate what the average person can see. Yes, some will see it more vividly, some will see it less vividly but the average person will see it similarly to what I showed in my photo. Oh and of course the location plays a large factor………not everybody is able to sail 100 miles off shore to get the absolute best view possible so it’s a bit pointless to use that as the standard bearer :) One other factor you should bear in mind is the technology we choose to portray these images on. Computer monitors. Again there are way too many variables at play here, especially when it comes to contrast and brightness. What I see on my computer monitor is most likely to be different to what another person sees.

Image source: inefekt69

#33 Earth Compared To Its Water And Air

Image source: ourplnt

#34 Stairs Built In 1829 vs. 2005

Image source: Jack_Enoff

#35 ‘Chernobyl’ Actors vs. The Real-Life People They Played

Image source: Bored panda

#36 View From My House Of California Normal vs. California With Fires

Image source: sklein9

#37 The Comparison Of Right Handed And Left Handed People At My High School

Image source: haze_rod

#38 My Mom’s Phone From 1998 vs. My Phone From 2018

Image source: jakecc_

#39 Shoe That Is On The Longboard vs. The Shoe That Does All The Pushing

Image source: FuriousFighter13

#40 $10 vs. $400 Lightsaber

Image source: Kable12

#41 Ken 1985 vs. Ken 2018

Image source: sum1otherthanme

#42 The Tan Of My Hand Compared To My Foot

Image source: MadoneXI

#43 My Mood Every Day During 2018 Compared To 2017

Image source: MyUsernameIsNotCool

#44 Size Of The Moon Compared To USA

Image source: JohnDoe045

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