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Cat Ear Headphones With External Speakers Take Indiegogo By Storm

Two UC Berkeley alumni came up with unique headphones that fuse style, functionality, and sociability together in one product – shining Cat Ear Headphones.

Living With Neil the Lion Documented In Bizarre Photoshoot Back In 1971

These pictures, taken in 1971 by LIFE photographer Michael Rougier, show how Hitchcock’s “The Birds” star and animal rights activist Tippi Hedren, her daughter actress Melanie Griffith, and her husband Noel Marshall lived day-to-day together with Neil the lion.

21 Creative Cakes That Blur The Line Between Confectionery And Art

Cake is a sweet highlight of almost any birthday, but it gets even better when the cake is custom-made according to the hobbies, passions, and interests of the lucky person. These 21 imaginative cakes will make you realize that a cake can become a piece of art that is difficult...

Mysterious Old Bridges That Have Stood The Test Of Time

With this list of the most magical bridges around the world, we invite you to embrace your sweetest fantasies and, with an open heart and eye, travel to a world far away.

21 Photos Of Nature Winning Against Civilization

Abandoned places, as fascinating as they are, best demonstrate one thing – just how quickly nature can what our civilization has left behind. Be it a piano in the middle of the woods (no questions asked) or an entire building, grass, vines and even trees will find their way to...

Hundreds Of Climbers Scaled The Swiss Alps For Epic Photoshoot

Swiss mountaineering brand Mammut collaborated with hundreds of fearless mountaineers and professional photographer Robert Bösch to create a majestic photoshoot in the Swiss Alps.

12 Before And After Photos That Reveal The Beautiful Transformations Of Autumn

Take a minute and embrace the beautiful transformations of nature in autumn, starting from our compilation of before-and-after photos, and later, hopefully, emerging yourself in the real-time experience of autumn, dwelling just outside of your windows and doors.

The Attendees Of This Festival Slept in Hammocks Hundreds Of Feet Up In Italian Alps

Welcome to the wackiest festival we’ve ever seen – The International Highline Meeting on Monte Piana, a slackline festival held high up in the Italian Alps.

5-Year-Old Girl With Autism Creates Stunning Paintings

Autism can cripple an individual's ability to socially interact and express themselves in ways that most of us can understand. However, this poorly-understood neurological disorder can also bestow extraordinary talents. Take, for example, 5-year-old Iris Grace, who creates beautifully expressive paintings in spite of – and perhaps because of –...

Photographer Recreates Iconic Photos With John Malkovich As The Main Subject

Established photographer Sandro Miller, together with long time friend and Hollywood legend John Malkovich, created a witty project called “Malkovich, Malkovich, Malkovich: Homage to photographic masters.” As the title suggests, the creative duo's photo series reimagines the world‘s most iconic portraits with Malkovich as the main subject instead.

Two Kinds Of People: Which One Are You?

Zomato, a website dedicated to foodies around the world, created a series of quite insightful infographics stressing binary differences in human behavior to promote their new app. In their “Two Kinds of People Project,” the company focuses on the radical differences in food choices, escalating with the never-ending conflict between...

14 Ways You Can Turn Your Bathroom Into Wonderland

This compilation of brilliant bathroom designs and decoration ideas will prove that there are plenty of ways to make your bathroom a place you will not want to leave.
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Photographer Holds A Photoshoot With Her 16-Year-Old Dog Just In Time To Say Goodbye

For the past 16 years Chubby was photographer Maria Sharp's best friend. Unfortunately, the dog‘s health recently started to decline rapidly, so Sharp decided to dig up old photos of the two of them and organize one last photoshoot, documenting their beautiful friendship before Chubby passed away.

Illustrator Draws On Starbucks Cups To Creatively Transform The Logo

Seoul-based illustrator Soo Min Kim turns the classic Starbucks mermaid into various other fantastic characters by redrawing her on original Starbucks paper cups.

Breathtaking $95-Million Penthouse Rises 1,369 Ft Above New York City

The ever-changing and iconic New York City skyline can probably be called a celebrity all its own. 432 Park Avenue is the address of a new 1,396-foot skyscraper that brings yet another extraordinary change not only to the city, but to the whole Western hemisphere, as it is now the tallest condo building in this...

Teen Filmmaker Recreates Iconic Movie Scenes With LEGO In A Brilliant Stop-Motion Video

Morgan Spence is a 15-year-old aspiring filmmaker who spent three weeks recreating scenes from several celebrated Hollywood classics using LEGO figurines and bricks in a short video for his “Brick Flicks“ project.

Flowers Replace Guns In Historic Photo Collages By Blick

A French creative going by the name of Blick has created a series of inspiring collages that juxtapose black and white photos of men at war with vivid flower drawings and cartoonish details. In the series, the soldiers' guns have been replaced with flowers, making them look friendly and harmless.

Artist Turns Single Strands Of Wire Into Elaborate Tree Sculptures

These incredibly elaborate tree sculptures by UK-based sculptor and author Clive Maddison are each from a single wire strand.

This Swiss Company Will Turn Your Loved One’s Cremated Remains Into A Diamond

An innovative Swiss company called Algordanza created a unique way for us to remember and honor those who have passed. They use cremated human remains to create a diamond that will last forever.

150 Street Artists Turned An Old Tunisian Village Into An Open-Air Art Museum

150 street artists from 30 countries created an open-air mural museum in Erriadh, a village on the Tunisian island of Djerba and one of the oldest in the country. The project was called “Djerbahood” and was organized by Medhi Ben Cheikh and the Galerie Itinerrance to decorate the village, revive it with new life, and...

Guy Leaves His Nissan Skyline GTR For His Artist Wife To Experiment With Her Sharpie Pen

One guy teamed up with his artist wife to transform their Nissan Skyline GTR sports car into a one-of-a-kind work of art. What was at first a casual car became something that might be worth an auction. Take a look!

23 Actors Who Nailed Their Biographical Roles

Most actors are chosen for biographical roles because of their close resemblance to the historical figure that's being portrayed, but there's so much more to these pictures than that. From the casting director to the makeup team, many people work together to create biopic roles that are as true-to-life as can be.

The Signs Of Life: Photographer Documents The Things People Leave In Their Windows

For “The Signs of Life,” Zakharov collected dozens of curious scenes seen in peoples' windows, including sculptures, skeletons, toys, and even real pets.

Cosmic Rugs For Groovy Interiors By Schönstaub

The popularity of space-themed designs seems to be spreading from the new-age psychedelic designs of the fashion industry to the homes and workspaces of space enthusiasts. Schönstaub, a young design team from Zurich, has a way to bring some cosmos flavor to your home with an effective interior detail – a space-themed rug.