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Ten Comic Strip Artists In The 40s Were Asked To Draw Their Characters Blindfolded

Back in 1947, LIFE Magazine asked ten contemporary comic strip artists to draw their famous characters for them. The catch? They had to do it blindfolded!

Illustrator Turns Strangers’ Photos Into Anime-Inspired Sketches

American doodler Robert DeJesus turns strangers’ photos into cute anime-inspired sketches. Now, check out what DeJesus has drawn so far!

Incredibly Detailed And Realistic Pencil Drawings By Dino Tomic

Dino Tomic is a young Croatian tattoo artist based in Norway who demonstrates his impressive talent with realistic drawings. Tomic explores a wide range of stylistics by drawing on sci-fi, fantasy, horror, and other fictional themes to fuel his work, but not without realistic animal and people as well.

Mother Turns Her 2-Year-Old’s Scribbles Into Watercolours

Canada-based artist Ruth Oosterman creates expressive and highly imaginative paintings in collaboration with her 2-year old daughter Eve. The artist lets her child draw sketches independently with an ink pen first and then works from there on her own, mostly using watercolours – probably the most handy media to express the child‘s raw imagination.

Artist Draws Fun Letters That You Can Squeeze, Pull, And Bend

Berlin, Geneva and Vancouver-based artist Cyril Vouilloz, aka RYLSEE, creates amusingly interactive 3D typography. With these amusing letters, the artist makes it seem as though you could pull, bend, squeeze and otherwise interact with them in any way you wish.

Artist Draws Gorgeous Animals And Shows Us What She Made Them With

We assume that artist Karla Mialynne must have received many questions concerning the utensils that she uses for her beautiful hyper-realistic drawings. That’s probably why she now takes pictures of them surrounded by the things that she used to make them.

19-Year-Old Artist Spent All Summer Creating This Massive Chinese Zodiac Drawing

Savannah Burgess is a 19-year-old Atlanta-based artist who recently shared the process behind her latest massive drawing depicting all the animal members of the Chinese Zodiac. She spent much of her summer on the „Zodiac“ and took pictures of her progress every day until it was finished.

24 Love Cards To Say “I Love You” In a Twisted Way

The way we say “I love you” changes as our relationships develop, but one thing is certain – humor often helps! Most of these love cards are best applicable for couples in long-term relationships, when love is felt and conveyed through little joyful every-day details.

Palestinian Artists Turn Rocket Strike Smoke Into Though-Provoking Images

These Palestinian artists draw symbolic, inspiring and thought-provoking images that they see in smoke rising from rocket strike sites. Their work forms an online protest against the conflict.

3D Calligraphy By Tolga Girgin Seems To Leap Off The Page

Turkish graphic designer Tolga Girgin is an impressively talented modern calligraphy artist who has brought this ancient art to a new level – 3D. Using shadows, clever perspective and brilliant skills, he makes his writing leap off the page, making the letters look more like paper cut-outs.

This Artist Leaves Motivational Sticky Notes On The Train For Other Passengers To Find

The creator of Texts From Dog and these silly commuter illustrations is back with more great commuter art antics. Joe Butcher, a.k.a. October Jones, creates sticky notes with motivational messages that he leaves for unsuspecting fellow commuters to find.

Artist Hand-Paints Shoes With Calvin And Hobbes, Pink Floyd, And Other Pop Culture Designs

The artist behind Lace Out Studios creates cool custom-made shoes with pop culture-inspired designs featuring the adventures of Calvin and Hobbes, or iconic images and album designs of such rock icons as Pink Floyd and The Beatles.