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10 Exquizite Wedding Cakes You Won’t Belive Were Made By Humans

Published 4 years ago

After the astonishing white wedding dress, the cake is the second most important item in wedding organization. Most brides admit that the search for the perfect cake and the caterer or a wedding cake baker who’s able to make their wedding cake dreams come true takes almost as much time (if not more) as shopping for a dress and finally opting for ‘the one and only’ design.

As it’s supposed to create one of the peak points of the reception part of the event, it has to draw all the attention of the guests and make them scream in astonishment. The more little details and handmade decorations the cake features, the more elegant and original it looks – the crazier the brides go about it.

You just can’t disappoint the friend of yours you’ve not seen since you left college and make that the only reason he/she showed up for your wedding and spent the money on yet another toaster is totally worth her attention, right? And what about that must-have picture where the bride and the groom are cutting the cake?

Well, with the high demands modern brides and grooms have for their wedding cakes, catering services and bakers can’t satisfy the exquisite tastes of their clients with simple and elegant three-tier cakes decorated with a few roses and birde&groom figures. They need to come up with something a lot more creative and surprising. And they totally do so.

And, when the client’s imagination gets carried away and the baker is totally out there to embody even the most impossible ideas, this happens. Here’re a couple of the most insane, yet really beautiful wedding cakes ever made.

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That’s a real life Beauty and the Beast fairytale cake! Can we just admire the work of the team who created all the towers and handmade the décor? I refuse to believe that a human is able to craft something like this and make it completely edible.

That’s not a photographer’s mistake or a weird trick of taking an upside-down picture of a cake. This masterpiece was baked, decorated and attached to the ceiling to be a chandelier cake. Can’t even imagine how they managed to make it hang from the ceiling in one piece and last throughout the entire ceremony. And, how did they actually cut it?

Nope, this is not an exquisite wedding dress adorned with lovely floral and embroidery details. It’s a life-size cake replica of the particular bride’s wedding dress. How many guests do you need to invite to get that cake devoured? And who on the planet Earth would be able to cut this beauty?


Do you want an equally breathtaking, but maybe just a little bit smaller, cake for your wedding? The caterers from will be glad to help you choose the most elegant and unique design for your own wedding, as well as organize your reception banquette.

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