10 reasons Mumbai is the best city to visit in India

Published 8 years ago

There are cities in the world where you want to go just for the sake of it. You love traveling and so you go to them to explore the place. And then there are some which changes you forever and leave a long influence on your life. Mumbai, is one such city that not only a traveler’s paradise but also teaches you life lessons that you can use in the ‘big bad world’ out there. With a lots of places to visit in Mumbai, here are some of the reasons that makes it an ultimate tourist destination.

Locals that carry Mumbai on its broad, reliable shoulders: You can find people of every kind traveling the locals brushing shoulders with people from every caste, color and religion. The local network is so vast, you will never get bored of traveling the locals.

Fashion here is not that expensive: The headquarters of Bollywood, you expect people to follow their favorite superstars. They do follow them but without burning a hole in the pocket. You can easily get trendy clothes at marginal prices.

Here Vada Pavs are more famous than McDonald’s burgers: First thing you observe when you come to Mumbai is the stalls of Vada Pav on every nook and corner. A delicious snack, Vada Pav costs just Rs 5 per piece at most places.

One of the safest cities for women, the place has a thriving nightlife: With a population mostly comprising of youths, people are quite open minded and they respect everyone here. Therefore, women feel quite safe here even at the night. With most of people working, they find time for them in the late hours and hence the party starts in the night.

The city appreciates art and theatre in equal measure: One of the few cities where theatre is still thriving, people love to watch plays and spending money on art pieces.

They know how to celebrate a festival: Festivals of every religion are celebrated here with an aplomb. Be it Ganesh Mahotsav or the Dahi handi festival, people come forward and enjoy it to its core.

You never feel lonely in the company of beach: If you are feeling lonely and exhausted after a long day’s work, then beach is the place where you should go. The sound of waves just smoothen your nerves and refreshes your mind.

You can visit awesome places which are just at an overnight distance from here: The place has close proximity to various destinations like the party capital Goa or the breathtakingly beautiful Lonavala. These are the places where you can visit during weekends. You can even travel to Dubai on budget as you get the cheapest flights from Mumbai to Dubai.

If you dream big, then this is the place for you: Called as the ‘city of dreams’, people come here to work from all over the country. The city has seen some of the ‘strugglers’ becoming top rung heroes in the form of Akshay Kumar and Shahrukh Khan.

The city has withered so many storms without blinking the eye: The city has seen some of the biggest disasters in the past but still it stands strong as the people here just refuse to give up.

With so many reasons to visit Mumbai, you should definitely try and come to the city once in your lifetime. With a number of things to do in Mumbai, come here to witness the great mixture of traditions and cultures.

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