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This Photographer Works At An Airport And Takes Pictures Of Unique People From All Over The World

Published 1 month ago

#11 May From Lebanon

May loves to travel. She volunteered at a refugee camp and was on the way to Egypt for work.

#12 Indrė From Lithuania

Indrė was heading to California to spend her summer there.

#13 Idris From Nigeria

Idris is a fashion stylist from Nigeria. You can hire him both in Nigeria and Kenya! He travels a lot and we met just before his flight to New York.

#14 Jargal From Mongolia

I have met Jargal before her flight to Ulaanbaatar. She studies in Frankfurt, Germany.

#15 Christophe From Belgium

His T-shirt rocks! It even made me ask Christophe to join the project.

#16 Sara From Tanzania

Sara was in Barcelona for holidays. I really love the natural look in this picture.

#17 Gorana From Serbia

Gorana was having a quick drink before her flight to Belgrade.

#18 Sara From Iran

Happy to have Sara in the project! She studies dentistry and design in Moscow.

#19 Sebastian From Poland

Sebastian’s last adventure was the trip to the Pamir Mountains in Tajikistan. He climbed to the Peak Korzhenevskaya which is 7105 m high and it took him 8 days. He was there at the same time (13th August) when the helicopter crash happened and three Russian climbers and two Tajik pilots died in the accident.

#20 Frankie J From England

Frankie J is one of the best house dancers on the planet. We have met before at Istanbul Street Dance Carnival. He was the judge for House Dance contest and I was a photographer there.

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