20 Pics From 100 Years Ago That Put History Into Perspective

Published 1 year ago

While it’s human tendency to forget the past easily, we’re lucky to have the technology to help us record moments from the past forever. We’ve recently found this amazing collection of black-and-white photographs that allow us to take a trip back in time to days gone by which we’ve shared below.

Reminding us of how much we take for granted now, these images taken 100 years ago give us an understanding of how much we as a species have advanced from strict ideologies and practices that were rampant once upon a time. The glimpse it provides into all the little moments that gradually impact change shows it’s a journey of a 1000 steps as documented in the photos below. So if you’re a fan of history and photography, these images are sure to provide you with more insight akin to the pieces of a puzzle in this game we call life. 

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#1 Albert And Elsa Einstein In Japan With Local Hosts, 1922

Image source: Courtesy of Meiji Seihanjo

#2 Beauty Show In 1922

Image source: Library of Congress Prints and Photographs Division Washington, D.C.

#3 Delegation Of Minnesota League Of Women Voters With A Mile Signatures For World Court Proposal

Image source: Harris & Ewing

#4 Helen F. Day, A Blind Woman, Who Published Searchlight, A Publication For Blind Children. She Is Probably Holding A Device For Printing In Braille

Image source: Bain News Service

#5 Madame Asta Souvrina And Her Dog Listening To The Radio

Image source: Underwood & Underwood

#6 Phoebe Ann Moses Butler, Also Known As Annie Oakley, Aiming A Rifle In 1922

Image source: Underwood & Underwood

#7 A Woman Holding A “Cane Flask” During Prohibition In 1922, Washington, D.C.

Image source: wikipedia

#8 A Broken T Model Ford

Image source: National Photo Company

#9 Chemistry Class Teacher

Image source: The Utrecht Archives

#10 Austrian Nobleman Takes “Traveling Candy Store” On The Road In 1922

Image source: Underwood & Underwood

#11 Test Flight Of Pescara’s Helicopter, 1922

Image source: Bibliothèque nationale de France

#12 U.S. Army Men Seated Around The Table, While One On Horseback Jumping Over It

Image source: Library of Congress

#13 A Berlin Banker Counting Stacks Of Bundled Marks In 1923

Image source: Library of Congress

#14 Allan Dwan Is Making Himself Heard By Twelve Hundred Extras Through The Medium Of The World’s Largest Megaphone. Four Feet In Diameter And Ten Feet Long

Image source: wikimedia

#15 2022 Energy Predictions. New York Sunday Newspaper In 1922 May 7

Image source: Library of Congress, Washington, DC

#16 The Last Message Left By 47 Entombed Miners In Argonaut Mine, Jackson, Calif. Written With Carbide Lamps On The Face Of The 4350 Foot Drift

The message on the wall reads: “3 O’clock, gas getting strong”

Image source: Library of Congress

#17 In 1922 In The Volga Estuary, A Beluga Sturgeon Was Caught. It Was Around 23 Feet And Weighed 3,463 Lb. They Truly Are Dinosaurs Of The Sea

Image source: SquadLover

#18 Youngstown, Ohio Confectioner. Harry B. Burt Filed The First Patent For His Signature Method Of Chocolate-Coating His “Good Humor” Ice Cream Bars

Image source: Mahoning Valley Historical Society

#19 Fire Engine Drawn By Running Horses

Image source: Library of Congress

#20 Tornado Over The Capitol In 1922, May

Image source: Austin History Center

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