Biggest School In Copenhagen Got Completely Covered With 12,000 Solar Panels

Published 7 years ago

C.F. Møller‘s International School Nordhavn, the biggest school in Copenhagen, Denmark, has made a leap into the 21st century by transforming more than 6,000 square meters of its facade with over 12,000 solar sea-green panels. None of that sounds like a small feat, but surprisingly, making clear panels in one specific color was one of the biggest challenges that took researchers around 12 years to figure out.

They applied the process called color interfering, which is similar to what happens when you see colorful oil spots in the water. They eventually achieved it by adding fine particles to the glass surface to give the appearance of color.

Now the panels don’t just look good, they also do the job. Even though Denmark isn’t known for its sunny days, it was calculated that the new facade will cover more than half of the school’s annual energy consumption, as well as provide a pleasing new aesthetic for the Nordhavn district– a harbor currently under renovation in the Danish city.

(h/t: inhabitat)

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