20 Expressions That Only Annoying People Use

Published 1 year ago

Recently, a question popped up on Reddit asking users, “Which sentence is only used by annoying people?” and Netizens had plenty to say. Apparently, there are quite a number of phrases, expressions and statements currently in frequent use that people have included in their vocabulary almost on a daily basis, that are far too common and irksome to listen to. Below we have listed a number of these things that people say that makes the person seem incredibly annoying, according to the responses received.

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“No offense, but…”

Image source: Keffpie


“Do you know who I am?”

Image source: mymeatpuppets


“I’m an alpha.”

Image source: W0nk0_the_Sane00


“I guess it’s somebody’s time of the month?”

Image source: endlesstoleration


“If you can’t handle me at my worst, you don’t deserve me at my best.”

Image source: Lesswarmoredrugs


“I’m not rude, I’m just honest.”

Image source: PotsAndPandemonium


“I don’t mean to be racist, but…”

Image source: ipakookapi


“Make sure to hit that like button and subscribe!”

Image source: malkumecks


“Other people have it worse than you.”

Image source: Chickabricks


“Why are you so quiet?”

Image source: SuvenPan


“I have no filter.”

Image source: TheLunarFrog


“You should smile more.”

Image source: Tadpole-Spiritual


“I’m just saying.”

Image source: ISwearIUsedToBeSmart


“It was just a joke.”

Image source: AnotherWildDog


“Have you tried [insert some unproven alternative medicine method]? It really helped my mom’s cousin’s son-in-law!”

Image source: Sterna-hirundo


“Everything happens for a reason.”

Image source: Cadaver-Cakes1986


“As a Christian…”

Image source: hughdg


“Sorry, not sorry.”

Image source: SuvenPan


“I’ve been through worse.”

Image source: Rj_naruto_gamer


“So? Everyone goes through it.”

Image source: ProperLock4987

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