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20 Things That Are Widely Accepted But Need To Be De-Normalized

Published 2 weeks ago

Our society sometimes fails to recognize the toxic things happening around us. Even worse, some of those things are rewarded! These behaviors that hide in plain sight and are considered normal by most people are not only unhealthy but dangerous sometimes. It’s high time that we stop accepting these norms and raise a voice against them.

A Redditor u/Buttercuppy44 asked people on Reddit, “What’s something we need to stop normalizing?” The answers were thought-provoking and many people called out things that we often label as normal but are actually toxic. Scroll below to read 20 of those eye-opening answers.

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#1 The Idea That Being An As*hole Is A Sign Of Intelligence

Image source: LobotomistPrime

#2 Bullying

Image source: Mxnvvn

#3 Using Religion As A Weapon

Image source: sadedscissorhands

#4 Being Rude To Retail And Food Workers

Image source: That_Cosmic_Chealien

#5 Filters That Change The Shape Of Your Face To Fit A Beauty Standard

Image source: sol1loqu1st

#6 Taking Pictures Of Strangers Without Their Knowledge And Posting Them On The Internet

Image source: WrathfulVengeance13

#7 The Idea That Anything Is Possible If You Try Hard Enough Instead Of Giving Your Best And Being Happy

Image source: a-marsupial-mongoose

#8 The Greed Of The Top 1% That Fuels The Pollution And Decay Of Our Planet

Image source: mass86casualty

#9 Abusive And Toxic Elements In Marriage

Image source: JoeBidenTheDictator

#10 Having An Opinion On Everything

Image source: SymphonicStorm

#11 Throwing Cigarette Butts On The Floor

Image source: l3v3z

#12 Having To Respect A Damaging Point Of View Because It’s Part Of Someone’s Religion

Image source: freshspring_325

#13 Alcoholic Parents

Image source: DarthVerona

#14 Working While On Vacation

Image source: earhere

#15 Students Overwhelmed By Homework

Image source: WTSD12

#16 Coming To Work Sick

Image source: derEggard

#17 The Entire “Playing Hard-To-Get Game” Involved In Modern Dating

Image source: unpopularcryptonite

#18 Unhealthily Obese Pets

Image source: slipperylizard56

#19 Canceling People For Things They Did 10+ Years Ago

Image source: Daiiga

#20 People Being Bastards On The Internet, Because Of Anonymity

Image source: macaronsforeveryone

Saumya Ratan

Saumya loves surfing the internet for beautiful, crazy, interesting, and wholesome stuff. She seeks to find something interesting in everything and strives to share her inspirations and explorations with people all over the world.

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