20 Common Mistakes To Avoid In Your 30s, According To People

Published 10 months ago

One hard lesson we have learned in life is that age is not an automatic reflection of wisdom. Just because you hit a certain number, it doesn’t mean a chest of heretofore secretly stored knowledge unlocks all of a sudden, giving you the tools to deal with the responsibilities that come with being older. 

Unfortunately, the experiences we go through are what enable us to learn from our mistakes and apply that knowledge to do better as we age. But as we go through life, we share what we learn on the off chance it might help someone else. So scroll below to read Netizen’s suggestions on what pitfalls to avoid as per the answers received on the Reddit thread asking, “What’s a common mistake people make in their 30s?”

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#1 Not wearing sunscreen and taking care of your skin. Especially your face.

Image source: EarthLoveAR, Miriam Alonso

#2 Being concerned about not being the young, trendy generation anymore. Wear your skinny jeans all you want, millennial women!

Image source: SparkleFartFromKmart, Laura Chouette

#3 Not listening to their burnout signals and just settling in for the long haul. You’re not going to make it. And if you do “make it” you won’t like yourself or the sacrifices you had to make along the way.

Image source: JetKeel, Mizuno K

#4 Stay in unhealthy toxic relationships.

Image source: Lavenderplatte, Gustavo Fring

#5 Having kids for the sake of having kids.

Image source: WhatFreshHellIsThiss, Ketut Subiyanto

#6 I think the biggest mistake _I_ made in my 30s was kind of going on autopilot. I’m 42 in a month, and, to be dead honest, I’m not sure my 30s even happened. It feels like I went from 29 to 40. And I think it’s because I just kind of kept my head down and carried on as usual. I should have spent that time being more pro-active. Stupid me, but it doesn’t have to be stupid you!

Image source: MothraWillSaveUs, MART PRODUCTION

#7 Romanticizing your 20s and fearing your 40s. (live where you are).

It’s so easy to romanticize the past and fear the future. Life is organic, and so are we. We will keep changing and oftentimes in a good way (stronger, wiser, more confident, etc.). I’m so happy to be who I am at 37.

Image source: theresites, Mikhail Nilov

#8 Not getting over or at least somewhat understanding your childhood and parental issues. Understanding that stuff can make the rest of your life easier.

Image source: redpaloverde, SHVETS production

#9 Thinking they are too old. Never too late to switch career paths or look for a new relationship or start taking care of your health.

I just turned 30 and realized I’m a bad person. Lying, manipulation, cheating, etc. But I went back into weekly therapy, and I’m pretty determined to not be like this going forward.

Image source: Mans_Got_Cheaks, Andrea Piacquadio

#10 Staying at a job they are severely unhappy at and accepting toxic work environments. Cough cough teachers

Image source: Dry_Muffin_5905, Kampus Production

#11 Taking care of your body. Once I turned 31 lots of medical issues arose for me from various things but contact sports leave more damage than you know. Go to the dentist go to the doctor be active. I say all this as I’m about to be in a hospital during a hurricane in Florida. Take care of yourself physically. mentally. and spiritually.

Image source: brownie1225, cottonbro studio

#12 Biggest mistake I made in my 30’s was not enjoying them more. Young enough to party, still play some sports, and perfectly in place in any bar. You have energy, you have a circle of friends (that will get smaller, trust me). Try to carpe a diem every once in a while, the decade passes VERY quickly.

Image source: hockeynoticehockey, Kampus Production

#13 Settling for a spouse.


See this SOOOOOOOOOO MUCH! People getting married for the sake of getting married. As a consequence, I’m seeing divorces SOOOOOOOOOO MUCH too! Been on dates where it’s obvious the girl wants the title of wife more than actually being a wife.

Image source: FunStorm6487, RDNE Stock project

#14 Not taking care of your teeth.

Image source: sixfeetone, Sora Shimazaki

#15 Making relationship decisions based on avoiding/meeting/holding on to milestones by a certain age. (I can’t be a divorcee at 34, I have to be married by 34, I need to start a family in the next two years, I’m too old to start dating again, etc.)

Image source: Beetin, Alena Darmel

#16 Not stretching. Like not necessarily before exercise (though absolutely that too) but just in general.

Image source: MurtaughFusker, Alexy Almond

#17 Not exercising enough and eating a cr*ppy diet. You can’t get away with those things anymore like you did in your 20s.

Image source: DeathSpiral321, Tara Clark

#18 Panicking. You do not need to have a great career, partner, 4-bedroom house, and baby on the way just because your 20s are over. Relax.

Image source: CampusTour, Mikhail Nilov

#19 Thinking you’re a finished product, not likely to change all that much.

Image source: kat_Folland, Porapak Apichodilok

#20 Comparing their lifestyle to other 30-somethings.


Your peer’s success can seem perfect from afar and make you feel inadequate. But if you sit down and talk with them, you will learn all sorts of shortcomings and difficulties in their life that will make you appreciate something about yourself and your situation. In other words, we’re all just out here trying to function.

Image source: Affectionate_Item_51, Brooke Cagle

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