41 Tattoos With Powerful Stories Behind Them

Published 6 years ago

We all have our own reasons to get a tattoo. For some, it’s a way of expressing their feelings or opinions, some like the way they look on their bodies, and others might get it as an act of rebellion. Still, however one looks at it, tattoos pretty much all the time has some sort of meaning to the wearer. So, there is no surprise that “why did you get it?” is a common question that people with tattoos get.

The people listed below got inked because they wanted to commemorate something that matters greatly to them. Whether it’s a reminder of a past struggle or a person that they hold dear, these stories show that when it comes to any sort of art, no matter if it is on canvas or on skin, there’s always more than meets the eye.


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#1 After 7 Months, I Finally Got The Tattoo For My Parents, Dog, And Family Home

Image source: FuckThisStupidFuckingShit

#2 My Dad Died On December 15, 2016. Today, I Got A Tattoo

Image source: 42dftba

#3 Tattoo To Support My Wife’s Fight With Depression

Image source: Nicanor72

#4 No Title Needed

Image source: baldorr

#5 Dad Got Cochlear Implant Tattoo To Match His Daughter’s Real One

#6 Dad Tattoos His Son’s Cancer Scar On His Own Head To Boost Son’s Self-Confidence

Image source: GuacamoleFanatic

#7 My Mum Passed Away A Few Months Ago, Yesterday I Got My First Tattoo. She Used To Leave Us Little Post It Notes, I Got It Copied Out

Image source: jitterbug13

#8 His Son Died Of Sids Last Year, And Got A Waveform Tattoo Of His Sons Laugh

Image source: Theycallmekam

#9 Dad Passed Away In 2009, Got A Note He Wrote In My 2nd Grade Yearbook As A Reminder

Image source: Highlingual

#10 Simple Chart My Grandpa Drew For Me To Show Where My Home Is On The Surface Of The Earth With Longitude And Latitude

Image source: kgoodz


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