5 Careers for Those Who are Creative

Published 8 years ago

Being creative is a true talent that many people dream of having. Unfortunately, many people with a creative side aren’t necessarily sure of how to use those skills when they get into the real world and need to make some money. Thankfully, there are options out there that can help you put your creative juices to good use.

1. Photography

If you’re great with a lens, then you should consider becoming a professional photographer. Many companies are always looking to hire photographers for marketing collateral shoots or just for professional photos. This means you can snag a job with a company and earn the money and benefits you want. If you would prefer to have more freedom with your photography, then you should consider becoming a freelance photographer. You can opt to shoot anything, or you can find your niche, such as a wedding photographer or even a media photographer. Take your time to think about how you want to use your craft, and then pursue your dream.

2. Tattoo Artist

Can you draw? If so, why not consider becoming a tattoo artist? These professionals make a great deal of money, especially if you’re really talented. People will pay anywhere from $50-$1000 for a tattoo, and since there’s not too much overhead, you can keep most of that as a profit. You can try to find an apprenticeship at a local tattoo parlor, or you can attend a tattoo trade school like A.R.T. to learn more about the industry and to hone your craft. If you ever have your own studio, you can even set your own hours and be your own boss, which is something that most of us aspire to do anyway.

3. Graphic Design

Computers are used more today than ever before, and you can put your design skill to use with a computer as a graphic designer. Companies all over the world are hiring these individuals in order to make graphics and marketing collateral for their business or nonprofit. If you are good with design software and have an eye for detail, then find a program that will allow you to learn more about the position and then find yourself a job doing what you love. Like most creative jobs, you can also opt to be a freelance graphic artist, which means you can work for a variety of companies, set your own hours, and spend your time doing what you love.

4. Storyteller

Does your creativity involve a knack for words and storytelling? If so, write them down. You may have what it takes to be the next best-selling author. You can write your manuscript and send it off to a few publishing agencies to see if it takes. If you don’t find any luck or want to try something different, you can always opt for a print on demand writing option which allows you to have a book printed when someone buys it. You can also look into Amazon Publisher and have your story made into a digital copy. There are plenty of ways that you can get your story out there—you just need to find what works best for you.

5. Entrepreneur

While most of these jobs will allow you to be an entrepreneur, you can also use your skill to build a business with the crafts you make. For instance, do you turn old pallets into works of art? Can you create tables or benches out of old barn wood? This is a creative skill, and you can turn this into a thriving business. Simply take pictures of your work and build a website or use social media to push yourself out there. Once you get a few clients, tell them to refer you, and soon enough, you’ll have a strong business. You can also use tools like Etsy in order to generate awareness of your products and help to get your business off the ground.

People with a creative side have an advantage when it comes to the workforce. There are plenty of jobs out there that need a detailed eye or a crafty way to tell a story, so make sure that you put these creative juices to work.

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