A Virtual Herd Of Elephants Walk Across The World From The 23-26 March

Published 7 years ago

Every 25 minutes an elephant is killed, March for Giants is a global initiative to help raise funds and awareness of this issue.

#MarchForGiants will be the world’s first campaign to link digital Billboards globally.

It is a socially-driven initiative to mobilize both brands and individuals. Over five days, herds of digital elephants will continuously march across key digital billboards around the globe, including Times Square, Hong Kong, London, Manchester and Birmingham

Adult elephants will be personalized with corporate sponsors’ logos, and baby elephants will bear the name and chosen color of each individual who donates £5/$6 online. Images of the personalized elephants marching across each of the billboards will be sent directly to sponsors and individuals for them to share on their website or social media.

All sponsorships and donations will support Space for Giants work to recruit and train

Anti-poaching rapid response teams, secure protected landscapes, mitigate human-elephant conflict and work with Africa’s judiciary system to strengthen prosecutions for poachers; all with the mission of protecting half of Africa’s elephants by 2020.

Max Graham, CEO of Space for Giants, said: “We’re racing to protect as many elephants as we can from both poaching and the loss of habitat.

“It’s a huge boost to have elephants at the center of this innovative, brilliant campaign.”

For more information or to get involved, visit marchforgiants.org or search #MarchForGiants on social

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