These Folks Pointed Out Moments People Were Being Racist Online Without Realizing It (30 Pics)

Published 2 years ago

One wrongly spoken or written word or a sentence can get you canceled in the blink of an eye. It’s the 21st century, people will call you out on any opinion that goes against societal norms. And you better know that people will remember it. For a very long time. And it’s really hard, nearly impossible, to get the reputation back after receiving a public backlash.

People in this subreddit group shared moments of ‘Accidental Racism’. These are the moments that at a first glance don’t seem to be too disturbing but when you take a second look, it makes you realize: “Well, that’s a bit racist.” Although many understand that certain moments weren’t intentional and were rather just innocent mistakes (although some might seem offensive), the Redditors make it clear that racism isn’t welcome and has to go.

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#1 It Meant To Say “Glitter”

Image source: deleted

#2 Open Yer Damn Eyes

Image source: SketWithTheKet

#3 My Friend Thought The Picture Was Going To Have Both Of Us Chilling On The Couch

Image source: deleted

#4 Bad Name Placement

Image source: iliketanks1998

#5 Hol Up

Image source: thegreatn00

#6 This Bot Refusing This Guy’s Actual Name

Image source: wilymon

#7 Damnit, The Title Was Actually “How To Create Your Own Jewelry Line”

Image source: michelleyap

#8 It Looks Like Your Mouth Is Open

Image source: jcafaro17

#9 Ouch…

Image source: x3bo33

#10 I Love Shoe Boxes

Image source: Mysticheddar

#11 Hmmm

Image source: legolee

#12 A Perspective They Didn’t Imagine Would Happen

Image source: MayonnaisalSpray

#13 I Has A Black Baby

Image source: wannabewigga

#14 The ’90s Were Wild

Image source: deleted

#15 Spice Level: White

Image source: sentient07

#16 I See Where This Is Going…

Image source: blau_wie_das_meer

#17 Did Someone Blink?

Image source: deleted

#18 Apple Strikes Again

Image source: NachNach16


Image source: MR_fluffy_pig

#20 I Never Knew This Product Existed!

Image source: somanyjens

#21 Does This Count?

Image source: Fushock

#22 I’m Sure Adolf Would’ve Agreed

Image source: sphip

#23 These Plates Are Color Coded

Image source: Fattern3133

#24 Co-Worker Asked For A Snickers. She’s Jewish

Image source: Alexccjrb


Image source: 123tobo

#26 A Very Interesting Adjective For Describing The Colour Of A Car

Image source: tankan63

#27 He Learned A Language, But Alas, The Wrong One…

Image source: check_plys

#28 So That’s What Clean Hands Look Like Huh

Image source: cloudstryder

#29 Clutching At Straws A Bit Here But I Still Had A Good Chuckle

Image source: cumdumpsta69


Image source: mightymondan

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