Acne Scar Strike – How to Win a War Against Them

Published 8 years ago

To fight this vicious enemy, you first need to know everything about it, so you can defeat it. It is important to understand the origin of acne, how and why they appear and if those scars can be prevented in the first place. Here are all the basic facts that you should know in order to prevent them or, if they are already here – how to get rid of them.

Cause of Acne

The number one reason for the appearance of acne are the hormones. However, your lifestyles and your diet can trigger the acne attack. What actually happens is that the sebaceous glands – very small glands near the hair follicles close to the surface of your skin, start to overproduce sebum. That fills the follicle with oil and dead skin cells and the entire inflammation process begins. Sometimes, the bacteria have their role in the cause of acne, as well. Anyway, different things can cause excessive sebum production and you need to get rid of them.

Reasons Scars Appear

The real reason why the scars appear is that your body is trying to fight the infection that occurred in your skin. The bacteria, dead cells and the sebum block the follicle and the infection spreads into the deeper layers of your skin. The body reacts by sending white blood cells to repair the damage, but, at times, the infection is so deep, the skin does not look like it used to. Lighter causes are the red or brownish marks on your skin.

Types of Scars

There are different types of scars when it comes to acne. They are: soft scars, depressed fibrotic scars, follicular macular atrophy and anthropic macules. Soft scars easily blend in with the surrounding skin because their edges are sloping. They are not big in size. Anthropic macules are also soft and, sometimes, wrinkled. They are distinctive because the blood vessels underneath them give them bluish color. Follicular macular atrophy usually does not occur on the face. More frequently, they happen on your back. It can be described as a whitehead that is underneath the skin. Depressed fibrotic scars evolve from the ‘ice pick’ scars. They look like craters made by an ice pick. In time, they get larger, deeper and sharp.

Preventing the Scars

You need to do all it takes to prevent the scars once the acne develops. You need to wash your face regularly and make sure that there are no conditions for the bacteria to cause inflammation. Moreover, whatever you do, you should never pick on acne and try to pop it. It only creates more damage. Avoid the sun and consult your dermatologist if you feel that the outbreak is severe. Treat what can be treated with the topical creams to soothe the acne.

Dealing with the Scars

Once the scaring is already there, you can try and conceal them. Dark marks on your skin can be concealed with that. Also, you can speed their disappearance by using the skin lighteners. For the best skin care you should consider Alive Skin + Hair products .

Whatever method works the best for you, you should definitely stay true to it. However, even though you think that your scars are ugly, that should not influence your self-confidence. They are always much bigger to you than to anybody else who sees them. Besides that, your inner beauty and self-confidence is what will definitely make your scars barely visible and absolutely irrelevant.

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