20 Actors Who Ended Up Completely Switching Career Paths

Published 3 years ago

Have you ever wondered what happened to some of the actors from your favorite childhood movies? It seemed like they were doing so well, and then one day they just completely disappeared from the screens. Well, turns out that a lot of them decided to quit acting whatsoever, and try their hands at something completely different.

Today we have prepared you a short list of actors who left Hollywood to focus on more “conventional” careers, and you might recognize quite a few of them from your younger days. See what they’ve been up to in the gallery below!

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#1 Rick Moranis, The Star Of ‘Honey, I Shrunk The Kids’ Became A Stay-At-Home Dad To Care Of His 2 Children After His Wife Passed Away In 1991

Image source: Columbia Pictures

#2 Jeff Cohen, Who Played Chunk In The Goonies, Is Now A Lawyer

Image source: Warner Bros. Pictures

#3 Karyn Parsons, Former Star Of The Fresh Prince Of Bel-Air. After Playing The Role Of Hilary Banks For Six Years, She Moved On To Nonprofit Work. She Founded Sweet Blackberry, A Non-Profit Focused On Teaching Children About Black History

Image source: NBC

#4 Mike Vitar From “The Sandlot” Is Now A Firefighter

Image source: 20th Century Fox

#5 Danny Lloyd, Who Played Danny Torrance In The Shining, Is Now A Biology Professor At Elizabethtown Community And Technical College In Elizabethtown, Kentucky

Image source: Warner Bros

#6 Frankie Muniz Of “Malcolm In The Middle” Has Become A Legitimate Professional Racer, Even Earning An Award For Sportsmanship From His Peers. Muniz Also Manages An Olive Oil Shop In Arizona

Image source: Wikimedia Commons

#7 Kal Penn From Harold & Kumar Nabbed A Serious Position As The Associate Director In The White House Office Of Public Engagement

Image source: Warner Bros

#8 Peter Ostrum, Who Played Charlie In Willy Wonka & The Chocolate Factory, Is Now A Dairy Veterinarian

Image source: Paramount Pictures

#9 Lucas Babin, Who Played Spider In School Of Rock, Became The District Attorney For Tyler County, Texas

Image source: Paramount Pictures

#10 In The ’50s, Tommy Rettig Was The Adorable Boy Whose Sidekick Was The Ubiquitous Lassie. After Lassie He Found Work As A Computer Software Engineer.

Image source: cbs

#11 Mara Wilson, Who Played The Titular Character In Matilda, Is Now A Writer

Image source: Sony Pictures Releasing

#12 Charlie Korsmo, Who Played Jackie In Hook, Is A Law Professor At The Case Western Reserve University School Of Law

Image source: TriStar Pictures

#13 Jennifer Stone, Who Played Harper On Wizards Of Waverly Place, Is Now A Registered Nurse

Image source: Disney

#14 Ali Mcgraw From “Love Story” Followed Her True Passions And Started Rallying For Animal Rights And Also Became A Yoga Instructor

Image source:  Paramount Pictures

#15 Erik Estrada, Who Played Officer Francis Llewellyn “Ponch” Poncherello On Chips, Became A Real-Life Police Officer In St. Anthony, Idaho

Image source: MGM Television

#16 Jerry Mathers, Who Played Beaver Cleaver On Leave It To Beaver, Became A Sergeant In The Air Force Reserve

Image source: CBS

#17 Josh Saviano Who Played Paul From The Wonder Years Now Works As A Lawyer In His Native New York

Image source: 20th Television

#18 Freddie Prinze, Jr. Known For “I Know What You Did Last Summer,” “Scooby Doo” Is Now A Chef And A Cookbook Author

Image source:  Warner Bros. Pictures

#19 Ariana Richards Most Known For Her Role In Jurassic Park Became A Full-Time Painter

Image source:  Universal Pictures

#20 Michael Schoeffling Known For “Sixteen Candles” And “Wild Hearts Can’t Be Broken” Now Works As A Carpenter And Runs A Woodworking Shop

Image source: Sixteen Candles Channel Productions

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