Photographer Uses Flowery Hats To Help Less-Popular Black Dogs Get Adopted

Published 9 years ago

Apparently, black cats aren’t the only pets with a bad rep – people seem to be reluctant to adopt black dogs! Well, photographer Guinnevere Shuster is trying to fix that with beautiful, flowery dog portrait photography! She’s working with the Humane Society of Utah to give unwanted doggies cute floral hats and surprisingly dignified portraits. That is an interesting method, to say the least, but Shuster is tackling a strange problem.

She’s not alone in such pursuits. Shuster says she was inspired by Sophie Gamand, whose work we’ve already covered here. While the Humane Society of Utah’s TV spots failed, six of the eight dogs that took part in the initial photo shoot have already been adopted.

More info: Facebook (h/t: boredpanda)

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Sasha, 4 Years Old (Adopted)


Barkley, 2 Years Old


Rafiki, 6 Months Old (Adopted)


Ricky, 10 Years Old (Adopted)


Cassie, 10 Years Old (Adopted)


Homie, 1 Year Old (Adopted)


Potato, 1.5 Years Old


Thomas, 3 Years Old


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