20 Wholesome Pics Of Rescue Pets That Might Heal Your Soul

Published 1 year ago

Bringing a pet into your life is a decision that can fill your days with love, joy, and companionship. While many people choose to buy pets from breeders or pet stores, there is something special about adopting a furry friend from a shelter or rescue organization.

Check out these heartwarming stories and pictures of happily adopted pets that will remind you of the incredible bond that can form between humans and animals.

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#1 Got My New Puppy Today

Image source: kbt525

#2 Found This Little Guy On The Road In A Closed Box. Welcome To The Family, Nugget

Image source: Weirdoch

#3 My New Kittens Eclipse And Gelato. They Are 2-3 Months Old. Came Into The Shelter As Strays And Are Almost Fully Recovered From A Bad Case Of Fvr. Just Adopted Them Yesterday After Many Years Of Not Having Cats. They Are Adorable, Affectionate Little Bundles Of Energy

Image source: marie-0000

#4 I Rescued This Blue Eyed Beauty After Her Littermate Had Been Hit. They Were Dumped

Image source: BeautifulPainz

#5 My Nephew With His New Puppy

Image source: Foxie133

#6 Just Brought This Sweet Angel Home, Meet Charlie

Image source: samspastic

#7 Our Mail Lady Heard Something Crying From A Storm Sewer Drain. I Was Able To Find A Nearby Manhole And Get Down There

Image source: bdub1391

“Found this little girl Saturday afternoon in the sewer. Completely covered in muck. Cleaned her up and gave her some KMR the first night. She was very timid and afraid. Lightened up Sunday and ate some soft kitten food. Slowly let our cats get acclimated . By Sunday night our big boy Siamese had adopted her. It is the cutest thing ever.”

#8 On Sunday, Hospice Told Me That Mom’s Lungs Were Starting To Fill With Fluid, Indicating The Start Of Organ Failure. My Mom Is Likely In Her Final Weeks Of Life

Image source: NotedHeathen

“On the way home, my fiancé and I saw a tiny kitten miraculously dodge 4 lanes of speeding cars. We pulled over and got the kitten as fast as we could. Today, she met mom.”

#9 Finally, After 5 Years Of Taking Care Of This Very Friendly, But Also Kinda Shy, Stray Cat, We Were Able To Catch Him, Take Him To The Vet And Finally Officially Adopt Him

Image source: Soul0408

Welcome to the family, Max! (even though you where part of it the entire time :) )

#10 These Boys Were Found Inside A Storm Drain Last Week. They Ended Up With Me After No One Else Would Take Them, Not Even The Shelter. I’m So Lucky Cause They Are A Perfect Set!

Image source: Fickle_Meet

#11 Look At This Happy Dog!!! She Was The Smallest Of Her Siblings And No One Wanted To Take Her. And I Took! She Seems To Really Love Me❤️

Image source: MissJulesWarm

#12 Was Told This Little Lady Was Unfriendly To Visitors… Apparently I Am The Chosen One!

Image source: malak_oz

#13 Lost My Brand New Kitten For Over An Hour. After Literally Tearing My Room Apart, Found Her Inside My Lamp Passed Out The Whole Time

Image source: BoatyMcBoatFace89

#14 I Adopted This Senior Corgi From A Couple In Assisted Living Who Could No Longer Care For Him. Say Hello To Binki!

Image source: Marcia-Marsha-Marcia

#15 The Beautiful Kitty I Found In A Trash Can, Whoever Abandoned Her Lost Out On The Most Sweet And Smart Cat I’ve Ever Met. She Knows How To Do Tricks And Helps Me Through Ptsd Flashbacks

Image source: GarbageMajestic7481

#16 I Just Adopted This Old Man (15yrs) With A Lot Of Health Issues. His Owner Passed Away And They Were Going To Put Him To Sleep. Welcome Home Buddy!!

Image source: Oneeyedpopeye

#17 New Puppy / Little Polar Bear Cub!

Image source: vixenel

#18 I Think These Brothers Look Comfortable In Their New Home

Image source: noknam

#19 New Kitten Definitely Has Preferences As To The Most Comfortable Place To Sleep

Image source: soverylucky

#20 Meet The Newest Member Of The Family, Charlie Brown!

Image source: Jalawa36

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