Starbucks Just Released An Adorable Line Of Merch Inspired By Animals

Published 5 years ago

If there’s one company every coffee lover can definitely recognize, it has to be Starbucks. And when this coffee giant isn’t busy making pumpkin spice lattes, it occasionally releases some creative merch for all the coffee lovers out there.

This time it was the Chinese that got lucky – Starbucks China released a line of adorable animal-themed merch, including reusable cups and bottles, and they’re so adorable, you’ll want to visit China just to get one.

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Image credits: milliestyle___

Some of the newly-released merch includes adorable llamas, raccoons, squirrels, and other cute animals.

Image credits: milliestyle___

Image credits: milliestyle___

Imagine this little guy peeking out of your cup as you’re enjoying your hot beverage!

Image credits: milliestyle___

Image credits: milliestyle___

Sadly, all of these adorable items are only available in China – let’s hope they’re released everywhere else soon!

Image credits: milliestyle___

Starbucks offers various mugs, cups, bottles, and tumblers for all your coffee drinking needs.

Image credits: milliestyle___

And don’t forget these magnetic coasters!

If you’re in China, you better get them fast – these limited edition items typically fly off the shelves pretty fast!

Image credits: milliestyle___

People loved the cute new merch

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